Church and Ministry: I believe

(Backdate: 6/6/14 2:09 AM)

I believe that when a person, or people, are genuinely saved by Christ, they are a function of the Body (the church). That when we work together, even through slight differences, to bring others to get to know Christ and spread God’s Word then we are functioning in the Body. I believe the “body of Christ” is meant in regards to a much larger scale than just one church alone.

God created us all to be unique, with our own minds, a free will, emotions, dreams, desires, etc. In a way we are created this way to be unique. When we come together we cannot say each of us learns the same as the other, or receives as another, otherwise we would all be the same, not individuals, that can also learn from each other. We are individuals to play parts on a much larger scale.

I don’t believe that it is up to just one church or ministry alone to be correct, for we all have humanly judgments, as is our human nature, but Christ living in us is what brings us together as one Body. I feel that if God wanted it to be just one way He would have made us to understand His Word in one singular way, but it is because we are different (individuals) that we have variations in our interpretations and churches. Most of which are a function of a part of the Body, to better help serve to the lost individuals who are also unique, that might have a better understanding of His Word through that ministry, group, church, etc.

If we are seeking Him and His will for us, spreading His good word, then we are functioning parts of a much larger body than just one church, group, or ministry.

It is not up to one church or ministry to save the world, but up to all of us to minister together, as all who are genuinely saved, who serve the same true God.

I also believe that a church is congregation, and congregation is a group of people (large or small) that comes together to fellowship and serve the Lord.

I feel too many people put too much emphasis on the word “church.”

Do they not consider those ministering in other countries where there might only be a hand full of believers? When they come together to fellowship and praise and serve the Lord, they are a form of “church”, and it is through Christ that they are a function in the body while serving the Lord.

As believers we are all connected in Christ. No one is inferior to another as long as we are seeking the Lord.

Could you say all Catholics are not Christians but all Methodists are? Are those in non-denominational churches better off than the denominational churches? It is not about what “church” you belong to, but if you belong to the Lord.

I am not Baptist, Methodist, non-denominational, Catholic, or Protestant; I am Christan.

It is not about the body in the sense of one physical church, the church of man, but about the overall body in Christ, the church of God. One is not better than the others for interpreting one way, while another interprets another way, it is about or union together as believers in Christ that makes up the whole body.

We are showed to disagree with others, but the real point is to acknowledge that although we feel one way whole others might feel another way, we are all believers in Christ and therefore are collectively the body of Christ.

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