Annoying Habits

(Backdate: 6/12/14 6:49 PM)

I feel I have fallen into a habit of having to explain what I mean when I say things relating to my faith. I was just reading an older post where I stated, “Lately I’ve been asking more and more what God would want from me in my life, other than an intimate relationship with Him.”


I know where I developed such a habit of explaining what I mean when I speak of my faith (or having to point out what should be obvious to most believers) and on some levels it annoys me.

When looking at what I quoted, why do we have to justify what we are saying and give an explanation of that which we already understand as Christians? Why would I have to explain, that in wondering what God wants in my life, it’s obvious that He wants a relationship with me as a large part?


I guess in my mind, wondering what else God wants me to do with my life also means that I understand He wants an intimate relationship with me. That without having that relationship, you wont find what path it is He might want you to take (as far as ministries, churches, working in the community, etc).


I think that’s one of the habits I got into when going to the Church in Dallas. Anytime you made any little comment that was similar everyone would start trying to correct you or push knowledge onto you that you already knew. I found this very annoying as I have grown up in a Christian home and have been around the church life for years. I was treated as if I was constantly new to the concepts of Christ, what He had done for me, and that God loves me. This might also have to do with the fact that I was raised in Baptist churches, which being Protestant, I am viewed as one that has it all wrong as far as what the gospel teaches.


I understand that some people don’t know or fully understand the aspect that God wants a relationship with us and that some people aren’t aware of the diversities of God’s love, but I also wouldn’t be so incredibly pushy with my own knowledge of this in a way that only makes one feel as if they’re being chastised for their statement and then corrected.


I guess I would find that when talking about what God would want from us in our lives, I do not think someone has to be “corrected” as they are expressing themselves as someone who is seeking the Lord.


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