Can being tired alter your faith?

(Backdate: 6/15/14 1:36 AM)

No, being tired can alter your emotional state. If you have faith in the Lord, He will always be with you (Joshua 1:9Zephaniah 3:17). That’s not to say that your emotions can’t make you feel at a loss in your faith, that you’re weak or not worthy. Those can be natural feelings and during those times we need to really seek God and pray.

Often times I have felt weak in my faith and we all need to remember that the devil will use that against us to try to make us give up. To isolate us and bring us down. The trick is to pray about it and ask the Lord for peace and strength. Let Him know what you’re going through and how you’re feeling. Ask for comfort in knowing He takes us for who we are and loves us.

Always remember He has a plan for you and is on our side as long as we are truly seeking Him.


On another note, there are many different emotions and feelings that we go through, in our natural human life, that can cause us to think we’re not strong enough in our faith. I deal with feelings of fear on a regular basis, which can be exasperating, and I have learned that during these times I need to really pray and ask for what I truly need. I have learned to ask why I am feeling a certain way, if they are my own emotions or if something from the spiritual realm is causing it. But whether it is your own emotions or some sort of spiritual warfare, it doesn’t matter; We need to seek God and pray.

There are many times at night that I become overwhelmed with a sense of dread or fear and I have to constantly ask God to give me peace so I can rest. As silly as it might sound, I invite Him to be in my room with me and ask Him to take away my fears and the negative feelings. I even ask that He might over flow me in the Spirit and overcome what I am going through and to give me comfort in knowing He is with me.

God doesn’t want us to be afraid, anxious, sad, or depressed. He wants us to have joy and live a life that is full of Christ, so others might see His glory.


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