Distractions and Doubts

(Backdate: 6/2/14 11:29 PM)

Today it has been brought to my attention, or I guess you could say it has been revealed to me, just how much the enemy has been trying to distract us as we seek His will and His ways. I am incredibly thankful with the clarity I have received from the Spirit on these matters and realize just how easy it is to become distracted.

I pointed out to Brandon today that the enemy is doing what it can to be a distraction. To cause us to focus on them instead of God and the works He is trying to accomplish through us. I will admit that it is incredibly easy to become distract, as I have been on and off for awhile now. I’ve been praying for clarity, understanding, and courage through all of this and I can tell you I am definately feeling it tonight.

The last few months or so have been full of spiritual warfare for a lot of us. I’m sure for most of us it goes back for more than a few months, but with concerns for us to get together and fellowship, to learn about His Word, to seek understanding for His will.. It’s been on and off.

I’m thankful that even when able to fellowship with others and a situation comes up or someone comes along that threatens to bring it all down, it’s recognizable for what it is and we’re getting a lot better about ignoring it.

It struck me today when one of our brothers came over to read with us this morning that they mentioned weird noises in a particular area in their room that was dark as they were going to sleep last night. Brandon mentioned hearing creeks and different sounds while he was also going to bed too. I’m glad they both ignored them. I think hearing these experiences and knowing others are just trying to ignore these distractions as well is a great encouragement for me. There have been too many times I’ve gotten caught up in what I’m feeling or feel is around me and instead of just praying about it and ignoring it I get sucked into the emotions that it brings along with it, which are usually fear or dread. It’s difficult to know how to deal with such things when you’re stuck in the middle of something that is causing you to feel a certain way and typically that’s when I really start to pray.

Often times I find that when I’m in these situations everything feels heavy and I almost feel as though I’m being heard in my prayers but there’s some sort of blockage or though I’m being heard nothing is happening to resolve the problem. I’ve learned today that I need to try and ignore these things after I pray and try to not let them get to me. I’m sure it’d be easier if they weren’t feelings or emotions that come with them and were little noises, things I perceived, or were visibly seen, but emotions can be more difficult to deal with.

Even on and off over the last few days I’ve come to question if certain things that God has revealed to me about myself are actually true. Did He really show me that? Is that what He wants me to have? I know I have already asked for confirmation and I strongly feel I’ve already had it. Though it’s difficult to try not to doubt, I try to always remember that confirmation even if I’m not feeling it at the time. That God has a plan for me and I need to stop doubting and allowing my feelings of being so unworthy to cause such a doubt.


I pray that all of you will reach out to God this week and ask Him what needs to be done in your lives. What He has given to you through the Spirit to use for His will. What He wants you to do with it and how you can grow in Him and become fruit bearing for His Kingdom.

Remember, He has a plan for you. Even if you don’t want to believe it or move on from whatever you might be doing currently in your life, His plan is much greater than anything you could imagine. He knows we have needs of our own and will meet them, provide for us, through all the days we seek Him.

Always keep in mind that whatever desires you have in your heart, He already knows. I believe that through seeking Him and His will, instead of our own desires, that He will provide for us and give us desires more fruitful than we could ever imagine.


“And do not seek what you should eat or what you should drink, nor have an anxious mind. For all these things the nations of the world seek after, and your Father knows that you need these things. But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.

Luke 12:29-31


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