Fellowship with God

(Backdate: 3/24/14 2:55 PM)

As for your daily bread, remember that the most important meal is breakfast. Therefore the most important meal starts at the beginning of the day both for our physical bodies as well as in our spiritual lives.

Do not lead yourself to become lazy in the mornings, when the work of God first begins. Consider those you come across first thing as you wake, be a witness to them not only with the word of God but through your attitude through the Spirit.

Consider your brothers and sisters in Christ that it is not only for yourself that you fellowship with God but also with them. You may come across a brother and sister that might need encouragement, wisdom, support, love, or any other forms of uplifting during your day or week, but if you yourself are not prepared and have not first had fellowship with God then how will you help them? It is through Christ and the Spirit we are able to fully uplift those around us to help bring them closer to God. If we ourselves to not become lifted up first how will we lift our brothers and sisters?

Remember to pray for yourselves. Pray you will become a better and more purposeful tool for God. Pray for strength and wisdom, for love and patience. If we do not have these things we are no better than a worldly man in the eyes of unbelievers.

And should we not first be a witness and testimony through our daily lives and our attitudes towards those we reside with? If those we are living among cannot see the changes Christ has allowed us to have in our lives how do we expect the rest of the world to believe such a change? We must be a witness to not only those in the world but those in our homes as well. For even they will continue our testimony and witness to those they come across to say, “I have seen the way they live and they are living a Godly life.”

Sometimes there is no better testimony than that. What good is a teacher with no credentials? What good is a leader with no followers?

Pray about these things and pray God will lead all of us down the path he has chosen for us.


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