General about the Builder’s Meetings

(Backdate: 5/31/14 1:06 PM)

While driving on my way to Brandon’s house I was praying and thinking about this possible ministry opportunity we could be having with our Builder’s Meetings. I was incredibly excited for the idea of being able to introduce fellow Christians to the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we receive to do His will. To introduce them to the idea of seeking and desiring these gifts, as it tells us to do in the Bible. How would you go about seeking and desiring such things? Well, that’s through your intimate relationship with Christ. How do you have an intimate relationship with Christ? Through your daily walk and talk with Him, to fellowship with Him and your brothers and sisters in Him. To continue to grow and seek His ways over our own.

I’m hoping that out of these meetings and “studies” we will be encouraging others to look to Christ, to learn to love others the way He does, and to build up the church (1 Corinthians 14:12). This is the point of our meetings. To become informed and encouraged to seek Him on a daily level and to learn how we can use these gifts to build each other up and bring more people to get to know Christ.

Paul writes that we should seek ALL of the gifts, through love, especially the gifts of prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:1). I feel that most churches are seeking at least a few of these but they’re missing the point to really seek all of them.

I’ve even found myself seeking one more than the others which is a direction I need to change in my personal life. Please be praying that I can stay focused and tuned into what God wants in all of this as we continue this journey. That we will be listeners to His will for our lives and He will reveal the direction we need to take it.

Praise the Lord we have such a wonderful God in our lives to allow us to work for Him!


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