Miracles in Our World

(Backdate: 5/25/14 11:06 PM)

Lately I’ve been thinking more about miracles in the Bible and the way most Christians see them today. I constantly had questions along the lines of wondering why most Christians don’t seem to think about the types of miracles that Christ performed and how they can still happen to this day. I’m always left feeling as though most people don’t believe they can still happen this day and age, when I know in my heart they can.

I came to realize more recently that the kind of miracles that we see, as believers, aren’t always going to be the big, showy type that are explained in the Bible. We’re already believers and we don’t need constant proof of Christ’s powers and love, we already know about it. But I do believe that for non-believers it can still occur.

There might be some out there that don’t believe, have hardened their hearts, and been blinded by Christ’s love. These people might need more signs than your average Christian. Besides that, there are miracles that happen all around us that aren’t really talked about. I think it’s fine they’re not really talked about in some cases as the glory needs to go all to God, and in some ways not hearing about it all over the place is one way that can happen. God doesn’t need to be flashy to get people’s attention, He wants them to come to Him with a desire in their hearts, not just because of popular sightings. He wants to know that we believe in Him and can have faith that He’s there. If He really wanted to get the attention of the whole world in that manner I’m sure He would do something more drastic that would gain everyone’s attention all at once.

Just thinking about it in general today.


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