Strange Dream

(Backdate: 6/19/14 7:25 PM)

I had a very strange dream yesterday when I took a nap. I awoke and felt compelled to write most of it down before I forgot it. This is probably most of it though I couldn’t go into the entire amount of detail of this dream or I’d still be writing about it today.

I was walking through a parking lot and on the phone with Brandon asking him where he was headed or where he was at. I was becoming annoyed that he hadn’t been answering this question in a straightforward way, though I could hear the background noise around him through the phone; I assumed he was going to Wal-Mart or a restaurant. I was carrying a Crispin cider with me that I had been drinking, though it didn’t seem to be having any sort of effect on me as far as alcohol was concerned.

Suddenly I was in a local bar, sitting in a booth along what would be the front side of the building, while I was on the phone with him, Crispin in front of me on my right. This bar, which in the dream reminded me of a bar from my home town (which I’ve never been to a bar from there) was one set up like any local little hole-in-the-wall type of bars with tons of things hanging on the walls for decor (think of a Bennigan’s), greyish-green/olive drab paint on the walls, and everything looked fairly old and worn out. Behind me were more booths as well as two in front of me. I may have been sitting next to a large window. The bar was to my left and oddly close; it seemed that all the tables and seating areas were squished closer together as it wasn’t a very big building. To the right of the actual bar was an area that was open where people were playing pool. They were mostly out of sight from my viewpoint as there were a few pillars here and there in the way.

I realized, as I looked around, that this bar was full of regulars that most likely went there every day for hours. Most of them were sitting at the actual bar, talking among themselves and with the bartenders. I remember realizing that if I wanted to order any food I would have to walk up to the bar to place my order as there were no waiters or waitresses around. I didn’t want to do that because I felt slightly uncomfortable there as it was a new place I was unfamiliar with so I stayed seated.

One bartender, off to the back of the others, was at his own little table/bar, wearing the typical clothes you would see a bartender wear around the 1800’s in the “old west” (white shirt, suspenders, had reddish hair and a thick mustache maybe slightly turned up on the ends). He seemed to only be “washing” drinking glasses with a dry towel over and over, which was all he did besides speak to the locals on and off in conversations.

I came to realize the conversation I was having with Brandon, as I was getting onto him for never answering my questions and feeling as if he was always ‘beating around the bush’ and became aware that the people sitting at the bar (again seemed to be about six feet away from me) could probably hear this conversation and might have thought I was being a whiny, naggy girlfriend. I remember there being a man, a woman with black hair, an empty bar stool, and another man off on the right. They were older (50’s) and had obviously been regulars in this place for a very long time.

I looked up to the table in front of me and noticed a girl, with long honey colored, blond hair, messily pulled into a pony tail, wearing pink and yellow eye shadow, and a sundress. At first I thought her make up were visible signs of being malnourished until I got a closer look at her face (almost as if I zoomed in). She seemed very thin and worn out and I remember wondering if she had previously been on drugs some months back due to her appearance. When I had first noticed this girl she seemed oddly familiar and I wondered if she had been someone from my past, from my home town, but I couldn’t quite place her. She seemed very on edge and almost afraid as she was talking to the guy in front of her who had his back to me. He had reddish blond hair, shaved (or buzzed and growing out) on the sides and long on top, that was either slightly pulled back or he kept pushing it back across his head. She seemed to be afraid to say the wrong thing to him almost as if he might become outraged and hurt her (or someone else). She kept calling him “C.J.” though I recognized him as a guy from my home town (who’s real name is Tyrel*).

Suddenly there was a middle-aged black man sitting across from me, looking up off at one of the TVs in the bar. He wasn’t fully noticeable at this time and I didn’t acknowledge his presence but looking back realized that I had seen him almost out of the corner of my eye when I was paying attention to the couple in front of me. I may not have noticed him at first as he was completely harmless in appearance and seemed very calm while he gazed off at the TV.

The guy and girl in front of me seemed to almost be arguing about something. I turned away for a second (though it would have been more like a skip in time) and suddenly the guy was gone. The girl stated he had left and had been trying to kidnap her. I was still on the phone with Brandon at this point, though I don’t know what he was talking about, and told him “I have to go.” He then started asking me why because he didn’t want to get off the phone with me and I stated again, “I need to go.” He said okay and I hung up.

I don’t remember if I asked the girl to come sit with me or motioned for her to but she came over. She sat next to me and the man was now visibly across from us, but did not take me by surprise. I asked her name (which she told me first and last in the dream, which I thought odd, but I can’t remember it anymore) and I introduced myself to her. I asked the man across from us his name as well, as now he was more visible to me, his name was Clayton. She seemed hesitant to him because of his name and made a statement that she didn’t like that name as it was the same name of her ex-boyfriend. I started to mention we could refer to this guy in front of us as “C.” but she then started thinking about her ex and figured he wasn’t that bad after all and suddenly seemed fine with the name.

I had also asked the girl where she was from, she gave me the name of her home town, which I think was somewhere near where I had grown up, but the name escapes me now. I remember thinking it was an unusual name and had a hard time even hearing or understanding her when she said it. I believe it started with an “M.”

A small window opened in the wall on the back side of the building (like a small swinging door maybe 2x2ft. It made me think of an old barn) and two black guys looked in. They saw their friend sitting with us and asked him why he had come inside. He stated that he had already told them he was going to come in after the news had gone off because of the heat (that he wasn’t going to stay outside with them for long, I mean). I found this odd (in the dream) as the news was just now coming on and they were playing it muted on the TVs over the bar. His friends then looked at the two of us and made teasing comments about him sitting with two girls as if we were all on a date.

Then another girl appeared at our table next to the guy. She was light complected with dark, black hair. She wore black eyeliner and seemed to dress more secular than the other girl, who was wearing a sundress as you would suspect an innocent farm girl to wear. I remember assuming this new girl had either previously worked at this bar (as she seemed to know everyone) or went in there enough to get to know everyone. Based on her reactions to them in speech, I would say she had worked there.

Suddenly waitresses starting showing up for their shifts and went to the tables to take orders from people (the place was full). Drinks were being delivered to our tables by one waitress and I remember being puzzled as we hadn’t ordered anything yet. She left about 8 large glasses (not sure on that number), most of which had some sort of pink alcoholic drink with cherries and/or oranges on skewers inside of them. I noticed the girls sitting with us who started to drink these drinks that had been delivered and when I made a comment that we hadn’t ordered them, the girl with the black hair stated she had ordered them. I disregarded the confusion I had upon not hearing anyone ordering and decided to eventually taste one for myself. Then a waiter brought over a frozen drink of some kind, also fruity, that you would pour a beer over (it looked like a Corona but was not). She motioned and winced, explaining she didn’t want the beer. The waiter, not being sure what to do with it but realizing someone was paying for that drink anyway, left it on the table in case anyone else wanted it. I think that someone in the bar, possibly taking pity on the girl had bought her that drink as it came out separately from the others.

I was cracking jokes and making witty comments in a way that I never do with complete strangers (unless it’s online and I know I’ll probably never meet those people). I even made a comment about me acting the way I was, showing my full personality in regards to my sense of humor, when I didn’t know any of them. The thought occurred to me that it didn’t matter how I was acting since they were strangers to me and I would likely not see them again.

By now the sun had already gone down as the bar was much darker than before. It was dark enough to seem as though there was only candle light. Another jump happened (or I looked away) and suddenly the guy at our table was now across from me, the blond next to him, and the girl with the black hair was sitting next to me with her purse between us in the booth.

At one point the blond lit up a cigarette and went to go outside to smoke. I decided I should join her since I wasn’t sure in what state she was in as I was feeling slightly protective of her with what had just occurred. I looked down and my pack of cigarettes was laying on the table with a lit cigarette (about halfway gone by now) sitting on top of it. I picked up the cigarette knowing the blond had lit it but not being sure if she did so in a way to tell me to come outside with her or because she had thought it was hers at first. As we walked to the front door, which wasn’t very far from our table, I remember thinking that the people in the bar would become angry with this girl for lighting her cigarette before she went outside. I looked around and realized almost everyone was smoking, which then I had a realization that the bar owners must have petitioned the city to allow this as I knew that it was a city ordinance.

I followed her out as did the girl with the black hair, though I commented that she didn’t have to come with us if she didn’t want to, and went to looking for the blond-haired girl. I was worried she would get into some kind of trouble or that the guy she was afraid of might come back. I looked around at the full parking lot, noticing a girl with naturally blond hair with pigtails that were uneven in size and placement. At first thought it was the girl I was originally looking for and then I remember I had previously seen this particular girl inside and noticed she was most likely mentally handicapped to some degree.

I saw the blond I was looking for walking back and forth near some of the parked cars. Most of the cars in the parking lot were large Jeeps, the one she was near was a dark camouflage green, the girl was pacing back and forth near it smoking her cigarette. I walked up to her and suddenly we were facing near the mens bathroom which happened to be outside (in a walk-around style you might see at a truck stop, though the building was wooden here and painting the same green color as the inside). A guy came out and went to go back into the bar and as another guy was coming out of the bar to go to the bathroom, she stopped him and asked him a question (implying if he’d be interested in paying her 20 bucks for sex or oral sex). They both went into the mens room leaving the other girl and I in front of the bar. I looked at her and made a sarcastic comment, “..classy.” This was in regards to what I had just witnessed and I quickly realized I didn’t have a right to judge her and that she probably didn’t no of any other means of making money. That she probably didn’t have a steady job and mostly likely did this on a regular basis while she was traveling away from home.

We went back in and as I was walking by the bar to head up the three steps that went to the rest of the seating area (which was the long way back to my booth) I accidentally kicked a piece of a door frame that fell over. I noticed the color of the stain and it seemed to be more of a decoration than being a part of a doorway. At first I was embarrassed that I had knocked it over and was trying to set it back up and realized it had old scotch tape on it where they had tried to get it to stay. One of the female bartenders laughed about it and made the comment that it happened all the time and not to worry about it.

I sat down and suddenly menus were in front of us (another “jump”). I ordered what looked like some sort of BBQ brisket. Another jump happened and I looked down to see three soups on our table. The one in front of me was in a personal sized skillet pan. It looked like water with a few black beans, some peas, and maybe something white in it that looked like small clumps of mashed potatoes. It also appeared to have little bits of snake in it. Suddenly my soup dish was traded with the guy across from me and the soup suddenly seemed a little heartier and had what looked like slightly cooked segments of snake. Next to me was a large plate of mashed potatoes with maybe some brown beans on it. I realized we had gotten the wrong food again (except for the guy eating snake soup, apparently it was one of his favorite dishes) and thought about not saying anything and switching with the plate of mashed potatoes. The blond still wasn’t back so she wouldn’t have even known that I had switched dishes. I looked around but didn’t see any waiters around to speak to about getting the wrong order when suddenly the food was gone and I realized the girl with the black hair had asked the waiter (whom she was very familiar with) what we had actually ordered. I guess he had realized his mistake after he remembered our original order. More food was brought out by him, this time it appeared to be better food though I still didn’t get the plate I had ordered. What we received seemed more like healthy salads with chicken.

The waiter went to the back kitchen and came back out with a squatty looking bottle filled with a 30-year-old red wine. At first it looked more like it would be a scotch bottle or some kind mixed with a wine bottle. He offered a sample to the guy sitting with us and the girl said, “No! Don’t do it” in a playful manner, pointing out that the waiter was just trying to make a sale on a crappy, expensive wine. The waiter then turned to me and asked if I wanted to try it and the girl protested again. In a slight annoyance of her, he proceeded to pour a tiny amount into his (right) hand to offer it to me. Suddenly it wasn’t in his hand but he was holding a small vial of the wine for me to try. He forced it against my mouth, holding the back of my neck and head. At first I began to protest and then just decided to go ahead and try it. I motioned that I was trying it, so he could let go of me now, and put half of what was in the bottle in my mouth. I slurped it around on my tongue, realizing that they recognized I knew how to taste wine, and swallowed it. The wine was only slightly sweet in the beginning and then seemed to have spicy tones to it. Thinking now, it almost reminded me of when a wine might go bad and have a “spice” flavor (not sure if that really happens as far as taste if one is bad for whatever reason). I told him thank you but I wasn’t interested in drinking any.


Then I awoke to hearing Ivy walking up and down the hallway.


This dream struck me as odd, especially with how detailed it really was. I didn’t have time to list such detail but it was if I was aware of every aspect and color of the things around me, all the way down to the color of the scales of the snake in the guy’s soup that sat across from me (they were a medium to light reddish-brown color on top which went into white on the belly. Some areas had the same reddish color almost outlining the white of the scales. The bits were cut into about 1-2 inch segments in the soup as if someone chopped it up, slight boiled it, and threw it into a soup).

The other thing I noticed was the location of the sun and the lightening in the dream. Typically my dreams are dull in color and fairly vague as far as the surrounding details. The dream started with the sun’s location at around 4 or 5 in the afternoon/evening. It later was noticeably dark as the dream went on and it went tonight.

After seeing the guy eat the “snake soup” in the dream I wondered if it had something to do with someone who seems harmless and gentle but in reality has alternative motives. Someone who is cunning and slick, either with words or was not showing its true evil? Disguised?

The guy in the beginning was more of a representation of evil. There is a back story of what I know of Tyrel that I haven’t ever shared with anyone (it doesn’t involve me directly) which lead me to believe, along with the girl’s fear of him becoming enraged and seeing him as an evil person in this dream, that he was representing evil.

I felt sorry for the blond girl in the dream, the “victim” or “damsel.” I often am one that when I see someone hurting, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, I am filled with compassion and want to help by whatever means I am able. But then she turned out to be more of a harlot than a victim, in the end.

The girl with the black hair seemed worldly. I haven’t fully arrived at a conclusion for her, although there were a lot of details about her that I still remember; there wasn’t a significant presence or representation I got from her being around us. Not sure what to think of the bartender behind his own bar, in period clothing, or of the waiter towards the end trying to get me to taste the wine. The wine itself was very distinct in flavor. I am not used to having dreams with so many details of certain senses.

I don’t know if this dream had any significance or not, I’m just pondering it.


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