The enemy near or God’s revealing?

(Backdate: 6/6/14 12:27 PM)

Could it be that God was allowing such revelations of oppression and the enemy being near to help shield and distract me from what others believe? To show me the true discernment even in “the church?” The discernment I have felt in the church was not that of the enemy drawing near to me while I was with believers, but was the discernment through the Holy Spirit on what was being taught in underlying notes and proclaimed principles. That even though some may appear to be speaking the truth, the messages and attitudes hidden within their truths might not be fully accurate and in accordance with the scriptures. I am not claiming I do not believe they are believers in Christ. Upon my own investigation, I believe they are somewhat stuck on the one and only viewpoint of a few believers, instead of the overall viewpoint God has given us through all ministries. It is a confusing thing to feel discernment when you are in a church and among believers, which is why I have prayed over and over for God to reveal to me the meaning of such discernment as I didn’t fully understand it at the time. Over time, and seeking to be open to Him, not focusing on the strange feelings but continuing my walk with Him on a daily level, He has revealed the reason for such discernment. Some might try to claim that based on my previous actions while I was in church, when God was giving me a realization about something personal in my life, that I am just being hesitant or the enemy is trying to draw me away. But I will tell you right now, that through my own studies of the Bible, prayer, and asking God to clarify the things I was concerned about, I feel even more strongly that if that is not the route for me to take I need to seek the ministries and path God has set for me so I might grow in Him and be a witness, being fruitful and bringing others the good news about Christ. In saying that I no longer agree with all the “truths” on these viewpoints, and no longer feel that my place is in this church, as God had directed me to seek something else, I will continue to seek what ministries in which He is calling me. Just because I might go from one church to another does not mean I am “off the path” or “lost.” It means I am seeking where God needs me to be and where I am to serve Him. We, as Christians, are all in the global body of Christ. If that is the case, how can leaving one church for another, when your are truly seeking God, mean you are lost or out of touch with the truth? God is my truth and the Bible is His word. No matter where it takes me, if I am truly seeking Him, Christ will prevail and the glory will be to Him.

I would ask of those fellow believers who are in such a ministry to not look at me as lost, but to rejoice with me that we have such an amazing Lord that will speak to us all on such a personal level. I would ask that they not alter their view of me based solely on the fact that I no longer have an interest to follow the only teachings of Witness Lee and the Living Stream Ministries, but that I want to start hungry for God, the life He has planned for me, whatever it may be, and to learn as much as I can about what believers are doing to further His purpose.

For those of you still in the LSM, I would ask you if you are also seeking the Lord on a personal level and that you learn to take any ministries with a grain of salt, being open to what the Lord tells you about them. We all have a lot to learn from each other and should not let our judgments become clouded by only one set viewpoint.

Question and test everything another believer tells you of their interpretations and do not let the influences of others hinder you from the relationship to the body in Christ, that is made of all genuine believers everywhere. Let the Holy Spirit in you speak without your own preconceived notions of this group or that, this ministry or another, or “these people” or “those.”

Explore God’s word and His church (that is to say, all the churches that are genuinely seeking Him), not just the churches that are made by men.


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