When Weeks Feel Like Months

I have had quite the week this week and would like to write more on some other topics concerning our Christian faith and some areas I believe people tend to get stuck on. As for right now I do not have the mental copacity to do so and it will have to wait.

It has been a very interesting week though. What I thought was a “wilderness” season in regards to discernment of spirits was.. not. Maybe I’ll get into the experiences we had at a later time. I will say they were probably the most interesting I have had in regards to having someone along side me, witnessing and confirming the things I was witnessing myself in regards to the spiritual realm.

Seeing things can, for the most part, be a scary thing that can cause you to be overcome with fear. One of the many verses I have found encouraging when encountering things from the spiritual realm is Exodus 19:5, where God clearly says, “ for all the earth is mine

Another that comes to mind is Exodus 14:14 stating that the Lord will fight for us.
Seek Him and He shall protect you. He shall give unto His children of their needs, for He hears our cries.

Until a another time. While you’re here, enjoy this picture of some bears and feel free to make up your own commentary of what they’re saying in your head.



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