Each day has felt like an eternity lately. Today and yesterday were particularly long.
Needless to say that some of the endeavours around me are not of my concern and I have heard the Lord tell me it’s time to leave them alone. That He’s done with me trying to work on things on my own end, even if through Him, because my focus belongs elsewhere.

I’m constantly thankful for the revelations He allows me and there’s a lot that I’m having to learn.
One thing I’m learning about is interecessory prayer. It’s something that I’ve heard frequently but never fully understood it until recently.
For me, it’s definately an aspect that I have to learn and grow in, not just something that’s ready off the shelf. So far I guess it’s been an amazing learning process and I hope that it will continue.

Another aspect I’ve had to consider is trusting the insticts that I become aware of through Christ. I guess you could say they’re “my instincts” through Him, as they don’t always feel like His words coming to me about situations. When we are seeking Him we need to remember that He allows us to have skills and areas in our lives that will work in His favor; that it wont always be Him telling us one thing or another, but it will be His revealings after we learn to trust what He has taught us (or is currently teaching us).
We are made to be indipendant through Him while also depending on Him. It’s kind of difficult to explain without me sounding as if I’m claiming that He wants me to trust my own instincts. It’s a continuing learning process. Imagine that you’re out walking down the street when all of the sudden a thought pops into your head abotu what you see ahead of you. Your first instinct is that you need to turn around and walk away but then you start to question it, wondering if it’s just some silly fear or if the thought came to your mind because of something in your subconscious. As you come closer to this thing ahead, you realize that it’s some sort of “bad guy” that you have no way of avoiding or defending yourself against. You then realize your first instincts were correct, as in the Holy Spirit is trying to warn you to steer clear.
That’s a really crappy metaphor and I apologize. I’m tired and that’s the best I could come up with right now.


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