Pressure in the head

On and off, while at Brandon’s house, I have started feeling a strong pressure in the front of my head, above and between my eyes. The last time I felt this was Sunday, the 29th of June, which happened to also be a night that both Brandon and I had some slightly unnerving experiences outside of his house. I know this because I had written down a prayer asking what the deal was with this pressure. If it was sinuses because of my bad allergies or if I was picking up on another presence, as I usually start to feel bad in general when I have it. Typically I would have blown this off as being allergies, and it wasn’t until previous dates that I started to wonder if I was picking up on something else.

It happened to be that the first night I asked the Lord about this Brandon and I both experienced what was around us in the spiritual realm. It was quite unnerving and alarming at the time. The time that I wrote about this pressure was right after this experience as I was writing it down too and suddenly felt compelled to change topics. A part of me will have to assume that it was the Lord that brought this to my attention as I have constantly assumed it was my allergies.

Today started as a normal, sleepy day. I didn’t quite want to get out of bed, didn’t sleep well last night, and kept having strange (and very detailed) dreams. Normally when I have such detailed dreams I will try to write them down but since they were interrupted so many times by my alarm going off every ten minutes, I wasn’t able to remember most of them.

I got to Brandon’s house and we started reading our Bibles, which is about all we do now (not complaining at all). As the afternoon started to become early evening, I started getting incredibly sleepy. Looking back at the amount of caffeine I had today I probably shouldn’t have been so tired. I dismissed this and continued trying to focus on what I was reading.

The pressure started in again in the front of my head above my eyes. I even pointed it out to Brandon at one point, placing my hand on his head and pressing down to show him how it felt, or at least try to. It wasn’t until my drive home, as I was talking to God, that I finally asked him if the pressure was caused by some presence being near me in the spiritual realm, that he would just remove it and take it far away from me. That it would leave me alone. Instantly this pressure started to quickly fade away and was gone in mere seconds. I realize now that in the past, when asking if this pressure was caused by such a thing, I was asking that God would make it known to me that there was a presence near me. This time, I simply asked that if there was one near me that was causing it that he would take it away, which he did. I didn’t doubt that it was something else (allergies) and I didn’t assume it was something spiritual. Either way, I’m glad it’s gone and I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn a new possible aspect of their effects. I don’t feel quite as tired anymore since it was lifted off of me; afterwards I felt rather refreshed.

I hope that if this is some sort of way for me to acknowledge when they’re near. When you start feeling run down because of them it’s hard to discern which is you being tired and which is them causing it. Maybe God will help me grow in that in the future, but I’m not going to focus on it. I just thought I would share the experience. Not sure if many other people have that kind of experience or if things they pick up are completely different. I guess I’ve had a little of all of them (sight, perceiving, feeling emotionally, feeling physically, smell, etc) but I’m sure there’s much more to learn and I look forward to that, no matter what happens. All I want to do is help further HIS purpose. I’ve tried it on my own and I honestly didn’t get very far. With Him all things are possible, no matter who you are or what situation you are in. Don’t forget that.


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