Frantic thoughts in motion

This morning I awoke and started my day getting ready to head to Brandon’s house. I was driving down Central Expressway and praying as I went. I felt as though my mind was just all over the place, almost scrambling to make sense of anything. It was as if someone had fed a child espresso and Pixy Stix and put them in my brain in charge of the input/output of my thoughts.

I started praying about this and had wondered if my busy, “gotta hurry and go” frantic attitude before leaving was the cause of this, as it is a common thing on Saturday mornings for me. I rush around getting ready to go to Brandon’s, packing up whatever books I may take, Nixon’s dog food, making sure I have everything else I need, get some caffeine from my store, and usually have to put gas in my car. After all the rushing around I’m usually still stuck in that frantic, scrambling around mode.
I was praying at the time when I realized how I was feeling and couldn’t seem to calm myself down. I started to pray that if there were anything around me causing this (demonic in nature, as they like to effect my mood or thoughts at times) that the Lord would take it away from me. That they would have no spiritual, mental, or physical effect on me today so I could focus on reading my Bible and talking with Him. I am well aware that the way I begin my mornings can lead my mind to be this way, so I wasn’t willing to chalk it up to some sort of spiritual warfare or attack. I can get myself worked up just as much as anything else can, which is common with anyone.

As I was praying this I started to pass a large truck, two lanes over, which had an ad for whatever company they belonged to. It had a man and a woman standing close to each other and the words, “No one is near you” written in very large print above the couple. I did a slight double take in reading this and the immediate response in my head was, “Okay.” I didn’t bother to look at this truck again to try to figure out if that’s what it really said or just what I happened to see (I was exiting to take a different highway by this time anyway). I didn’t bother trying to find out what kind of company this truck was for either. I just took it as a sign of my prayers in wondering why I was feeling so frantic this morning, that I was causing it myself and nothing in the spiritual realm was effecting me, and moved on.


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