I have a little bit of a heavy heart today in regards to our generations, those among us this day. Their hearts don’t see and their eyes are clouded. But it is not for us to dwell in the land of the blind but to push through for the Lord, into the land of his giving light.
It is for his glory that we seek the land he has chosen for us, the paths we must seek; to continue on, always pushing forward.
Do not fret about the blind, though they have chosen not to see: I am the Lord your God. Seek me through heavy hearts and darkness, for I will bring you into the light.

How are we free when the concepts of freedom are governed by those who have authority over who says what is free? True freedom comes from the Lord and His salvation, not sanctioned by those of man. How can one man without the Lord declare what is our freedom? For we are all still slaves in Egypt


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