Backdate: The Strange Weekend

This weekend has been strange, in a good way.
Last week Brandon had been praying about the two of us going to visit his uncle Shawn who lives about an hour and a half away. We were planning on heading out there on Monday for a visit when he was told in his inquiring and praying about this that we could try to do it Monday but Tuesday would probably be better.
I took that as something was going to be happening on Monday that we would not be able to go. I will admit I was excited as I didn’t know if maybe it was something we might be able to do to help someone else, fully realizing the other aspect that it could also be something bad. I decided to hope for the first.
Sunday evening comes around as Chris, Brandon, and I are sitting around reading, Brandon’s mother (Lewanna) is also playing one of her computer games. As Brandon went to open one of the windows in the lab (it’s a game room) she started to ask if he was opening the window since she was already cold. Her speech was hard to understand as she wasn’t able to pronounce most of the words she was trying to say. Brandon went over, asking if she was okay and was genuinely concerned, and did a slight test of touch with her to see if she could be having a stroke. She could feel the touches he put on her face but her speech was still slow and barely understandable.
He decided it would be best if she were in her recliner so that if she did end up having a stroke they would have less problems than if she were on her scooter.
After a little while her speech started to improve, as Joe was keeping an eye on her while they watched TV. As the night progressed and our bedtime approached, Joe came in to let us know that she felt she needed to go to the hospital.
I reminded Brandon, after her and Joe left for the hospital, that God had said Monday would not be a good day to try to be gone and it all seemed to come together.
Needless to say that hearing about His plans is one thing.. and as you start to see them for yourself, in your life and throughout, it’s completely different. You can see the mighty power that He has and it can be very scary and real.

Brandon’s mom is home now. She did have a stroke that caused a pool of blood to sit in the brain, which may explain the speech problem coming and going.
Brandon feels that she will probably be in the hospital again soon. Times are changing.
The wind is blowing, set sail.


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