Switching Direction

I’ve been thinking lately, as it has been coming to my attention more (again), how I need to change my direction. With all that happens around you it’s so easy to get distracted with the phenomenons of the spiritual realm. It’s been too much of a distraction lately, which I suppose is what they want to happen, and I need to keep my focus on God.
He needs to be my main focus. Yes, I’m sure it’s fine if I look into some of the things I’ve been researching with others, which regards Christianity and the church today and the influences that the enemy has had in it all, but I don’t need to focus on what they’re trying to do. Their goal is to distract us; to keep us from growing and unable to help others around us.
If things happen around me and others I know, so what? Yes, it’s kind of fascinating in a way because it’s something that we’re not used to. The “unknown” and the “unseen” will always be somewhat intriguing to us, but God will stay just as unknown to us if we allow that focus to shift. Besides, He has more to share with us and show us than they ever will. He’s the one with the true power and the one in control.
We need to stop being so interested and intrigued by the creations and start being interested and intrigued by the Creator.
Lately that’s been a struggle for me. It’s been difficult to not focus on what’s going on around you especially when you don’t understand it. My biggest problem, at times, is that I want to understand the things that I may never understand. I want to know the “why” and “reason” behind it all and make it a lot more than it really is. It’s pretty simple when you step back and look at it. They want to distract us.
It’s a lot easier said than done at times, especially when those you love are effected as well and there’s not a whole lot you can physically do about it. All you can do it pray. Pray their eyes will be opened to the truth and they will be set free of what’s holding them back. In the process you have to ask God to free you as well and try not to get so tangled up in all of it.
When the enemy casts a net try to remember to be still so you do not make it worse; wait for God to untangle you and get you out of it.
That’s what I need to remember. Be praying that things will change and they will be for the good of His Kingdom.

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.
John 8:36


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