A little rest

I haven’t had much to write about lately, that I’m aware of. I’ve kind of contacted somewhat of a chest cold the last couple days so I’m trying to get over that. It feels a lot like having a fever without the fever. Chest congestion without being stuffy. I’m tired of it.
I had been having a hard time with being tempted to smoke, which I quit smoking on August 15th, 2014, asset bring a smoker for almost ten years. I know it was God that got me through quitting, with some help from Brandon. Everyone kept asking how I finally quit and all I could answer with was the truth, with a lot of prayer.
Anyway, I had a rough week last week and I wound up getting some cigarettes and having a few, and I know that’s where this chest congestion is from. I had actually been praying that if I smoked it would make me sick. Now, I was hoping it would make me sick as in wanting to throw up instead of this, but He knows best. I’m sure this is a much more efficient way of reminding me not to do it again though.
I am very thankful that we have such a forgiving Father as He has already been helping me through this sickness. He’s so gracious and I’m thankful that even when He has to make us sick He will still walk us through it because He loves us.
As much as I absolutely hate getting sick, I’m thankful for it. I already had that little voice in my head today trying to get me to go smoke again and my thought after I realized what it said was, “are you crazy??” I’m not even fully over this and it’s already trying to get me to keep it up.

Anyway, I hope any others out there struggling with the same thing make it through. My prayers are with you and don’t give up, God will get you through it.


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