Crochet Again

This evening was exciting for me as I have now sold another crocheted doll.
I had stopped crocheting awhile back to really buckle down and read my Bible the whole way through. I took away as many distractions as I possible could, and some of my hobbies became so frustrating (not know what to do with with them or make) that I would actually cry. Granted I was much more emotional then and had no idea as to what was going on.I recently briefly mentioned it to God about the crochet stuff and had Brandon pray about it for me as well, if I should get back into it or just keep doing what I was doing (which was a lot of nothing besides reading some and having no job).
I was told that not only was He alright with me getting back into it He would also bless it. Of course that made me feel wonderful.
I’m the kind of person that likes to be doing things with my hands. I like to be working on projects, being creative (or trying), and staying busy. I’ve gotten a lot of real world and spiritual world discouragement in these areas in the past and I’m learning to try and tune everything out and just do what I would do.
I started with finishing some little crocheted monkeys that Brandon’s birth mother had started for one of his siblings before she passed away. I wound up finishing two of them to make sure that all the pieces she had made were used so that he could keep them (I also made a little crocheted banana to go with them). Brandon’s mom (adopted mom), who is currently in physical rehab, wanted me to make one of those little monkeys for the little boy of one of the nurses that helps her. She paid me for it, and although I’m tired of making monkeys now, I was incredibly grateful.
After that I tried a doll from a free pattern I had gotten (usually I like to make my own) and now his mom wants to buy that from me to give to her hired caretaker for her little girl who’s about to turn a year old. I’m really excited to have sold two dolls now! I’m very thankful that He has blessed these things and I hope that He will continue to do so. I’m going to try to save the money and set it aside to help pay for bills and whatever else I might need it for.
Now I’m working on a doll that I want to sent to my great uncle. I recently got a dulcimer that he made (he sells them) and my dad had let him know that I crochet, asking if he wanted me to make him anything. He didn’t seem interested as he already has enough hats and scarves. I figured that I would make him a doll of himself, with a dulcimer, and mail it to him as a surprise. He’s always been fascinating to me and I’ve always thought he seemed like quite a character, even if he really doesn’t know me and I’d be surprised if he remembers my name.

Another note: I’ve actually found that the less I look online or from people for inspiration, the more my own creative juices will start to flow. It’s so easy to get bogged down with seeing everyone’s creativity and comparing it to your own self causing you to feel defeated while comparing your own skills to theirs. The more you can cut out the rest of the world and what it’s doing, the more that you can allow your own thoughts and imagination to come through. That works with your spiritual life as well. The more you cast out the world away from you, the more God is able to draw you closer to Him.
I hope to have more positive updates in the near future. You never know what is around the corner and my life has seemed far too into doom and gloom lately. It’s time things change and I hope they do.


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