Feeling Incomplete

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day but I’m not exactly sure why. Most of the day I felt troubled in my spirit and several times prayed that if it was not of Him or in His will it would leave me. It would seem to let up for a little while but never fully left. I felt incomplete and bothered by something I was unaware of.
When I had someone inquire for me I was told they saw what looked like a black ball with things coming out of it. It seemed that those “things” might have been hopes and dreams that were unresolved or maybe never achieved?
Still not sure what to think of it and was told it would be revealed today. All of this was told by my friend we praying and inquiring of the Lord. I don’t want someone to assume some sort falsehood was done in regards to it (divination of sorts).
I’m more curious than worried about it. I didn’t sleep well last night and am trying to stay in some sort of positive mind frame.
I’ll update more if/when I realize what needs to be revealed.


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