Overcoming Fear

Often times I start to feel as if I’m not doing enough for the Lord. I feel that I should be out there trying to help others, trying to tell them about Jesus, trying to help those in need, the lost, the wounded, the ones that were left by the wayside. It never feels as though I am doing enough in my life to help further His purpose, to help His Ministry.
What a lot of us don’t always realize is that although we may have zeal for God and His works, we are not all ready to be out in the world just yet. There are still things that He needs to teach us, that we need to let go of, and overall we need to have a more improved relationship with Him. And other times we need to accept that at times His purpose in our lives is to be still and allow Him to work in us, to clean out what doesn’t need to be there. Being still is usually one of the hardest things.

I would say fear is the number one reason most of us struggle, whether it’s fear of the enemy (the devil), fear of failure, fear of persecution. Whatever it may be, fear is usually the root of it. Can we say that we can go into the world with the full armor of God, in full confidence, and not be afraid? I would say that a lot of us can’t. I know I still have my fears.
We have to continue to grow more in our relationship with Him so that He can cast away that fear. We need to come to a full realization that we have absolutely nothing to fear at all if we are in a strong relationship with the Lord. If we were to go out without it all we may just end up being on our own because He will not fully call us until we can let go of fear.

I for one struggle with all sorts of fears almost daily. I’ve lived in a lot of fear my entire life and it’s not easy to get over. There are still plenty of things that He is working on in me that need to be broken down, removed, and even built back up but it takes time.

For those out there that are seeking more, don’t give up. Keep seeking the Lord, He is there, He’s waiting and listening. Don’t give in to fear. Don’t allow it to control your life, there’s too much at stake. Don’t allow the enemy, YOUR enemy, to cause you to fail because of something so unimportant as fear. Fear is the enemy’s number one weapon against us.. You can’t give in or they win. You can’t give up. You have to keep pushing through.

Pray that I will continue to overcome these obstacles that are in the way in my relationship with the Lord. I pray that those out there who may (or may not) read this, that they will be overcomers to fear and find themselves closer to God in ways they never thought possible.


14 thoughts on “Overcoming Fear

  1. in one type of way the devil uses fear, lets say it’s with a new thing or new event etc, he’ll often ..construe!..it in our minds that it’ll be worse then we thought or we get to imagining the worse possible outcome..but ploughing through it it never turns out that way at all..! so those were more lie’s of the enemy.
    Also we can simply ask that the Lord makes a way through a thing..He does and makes a way even when their seems to be no way.
    We can take thoughts captive to Christ and lofty imaginations that are contrary to the truth.
    praise does wonders to!


    • I agree. Often times fear is used to control those to do what you want them to OR to keep them from doing what you don’t want them to do. There are many instances in my life that fear has been in control of me and often times it’s difficult to realize that the cause is from fear. I would say that it is good to often reflect on ourselves, our actions, words, circumstances, and situations to see what the driving point behind it really is. Is God pushing us through or is fear hindering us?
      And yes, I agree, the best thing to do is leave it up to the Lord. I know that sometimes I have to calm myself down and give things time because when fear approaches it is so easy to feel that our situations need to be handled RIGHT THEN, instead of giving the Lord time to help us.
      Thank you for commenting and I’ll try to use some of your suggestions the next time fear comes along. I had honestly never thought about casting off fears and just worshiping the Lord instead and I will have to keep that in mind the next time fear tries to come knocking on my door! 🙂


  2. Yeah finding the motives of what drives us is always good, fears are an attack of the enemy and trying to prevent serving the Lord or some furtherance in our growth but what the devil means for bad can work to good and we can overcome and learn many things through it all.
    Sometimes I can wonder why something isn’t automatically taken away never to return, but gold is purified through fire..not bypassing the fire…lol
    In the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy..peace to, and strength…:)) We can ask for anything, even for a song or new song to be given to our hearts to sing in praises to Him. Praising and worship is wonderful, increases faith too..don’t ask me how because I don’t know lol, though I suspect it’s because my mind and heart are focused sharply upon Him then.

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    • Again.. wow. Some of the things that people we do not even know, through the fellowship and bond we have in Christ, can speak such living waters.
      I really love your comment referring to being purified through the fire and not bypassing it. I think that’s easily something that we can miss when going through our own trials.
      I’m still in a long wilderness period and it has been hard on and off in many different ways. Thank you for your encouraging words, even if you’re unaware at how encouraging they were 🙂


  3. that’s funny I was just thinking recently how we never know what the things we say or something within something we say how it’ll be useful, or not, to anyone else.
    And sometimes we don’t know anything to say..so we just say something in peace and a prayer..and it’s ok..:))

    about saying something..
    Once I felt really strongly prompted to witness to a co-worker, I’d not ever really talked to him since he worked a different shift but there he was, he also didn’t speak good english being from vietnam, but anyway felt strong to witness so said ok Lord what should I say..and got a huge blank..but felt to say something..so told the Lord, ok I’ll go over there and stick my foot in my mouth and say..have you ever heard the gospel of Jesus Christ -I mean who say’s that, that’s like cliche..but that’s what I said, AND..he said, no.
    NOW I was really dumbstruck! who hasn’t heard, and I didn’t know what to say again..but basically opened my mouth once again and words flowed, were more given to me to say…anyway was a learning experience for us both lol.

    Anyway I think many/all go through trails with fear, to make us stronger and I’ve had mine too, fear isn’t faith and many things but 1 of them for me was to re-train my thinking..was to old nature pattern thinking, to many long learned patterns in thinking, took and takes alot to unlayer it to weed it out but replacing old thinking with the Word and faith and praise and the things of God.
    He will complete the good work He has begun in us all!


    • I often think of that too, how things we may say can help others. More with what they say helps me and I’m sure they didn’t know it would, not that I assume what I say will help others lol

      So what happened with the guy at work? Anything ever come of it? I don’t know how I’d respond with not having some sort of lead-in on what to say I guess. I’ve had instances when I worked and God was telling me to talk to certain people about Him or anything to do with Him. I felt it was a test not only for me, seeing if I would do it, but also for them, to see if they would respond. They all responded some but none of them took much thought of it afterwards that I’m aware of. It was still really neat to see how God would work in those instances. He would let me know who I should try to talk to and I’d go through a list of topics in my head to try to start up the conversation. “Should I start with this?”
      “Okay, how about this?”
      “This one?”
      “That’s fine.”
      It got me excited on learning how to witness. I always imagine the cliches, like the one you mentioned, and thought that’s what it came down to and always wondered how you get to being at that point to begin with. Especially with people you already know and have some sort of friendship or relationship with. The learning experience was refreshing and afterwards I wound up trying to find any excuse to talk to anyone about God or the Bible (or both).

      But like you said, we all go through trials of fear and God wouldn’t put us through things without a reason. And I agree with the old nature pattern of thinking, it’s something I’ve recently been casting off and just learning from Him and His word more than anything. There’s been a lot that I was grown up in understanding that as I’ve gotten older and looked into it myself I’ve realized it’s not all that it seems, so I’m thankful to be able to learn about these things now.
      If you’re ever interested I have some links I could show you of others using scriptures to explore “this theory vs that one” or talking about prophecies. I take all of them with a grain of salt, of course, and pray for God to allow me to discern what is true and what isn’t. It’s kind of neat to start to get more puzzle pieces for the bigger picture.


  4. I’m not sure what happened ever with any seeds planted, or if they were planted ..? I hope some were…I didn’t normally see him at work..I was on dayshift by then and he was newer and so on nights but they’d all been forced to work extra hours etc etc..maybe that was why the pressing prompting to…say something..even stick my foot in my mouth.
    one sows another reaps..others have labored and you have entered into their labors..one plants another waters but God causes the growth. I mostly plant or water, only a few times have ‘harvested’. One time I heard a sermon and was offended honestly, the guy said if you’ve never led anyone in prayer of salvation then your a failure basically…! lol (I laugh now..alls forgiven, but at the time I was offended) And coaxing someone to pray when they really don’t mean it..what good is that..

    anyway yeah send me some links and I’ll read along on them :))


  5. Hi, sorry for the delay been busy busy! Thanks for the links, I’ve seen some of the vids and the news and have looked into the inter-faithism of the RCC and the world (takes more then one to be ‘inter’ faith after all). I don’t know much anything about the doug B fella but inter-faithism is of the devil. It’s sold under the guise of world unity, bridge building and other fancy coined phrases that apply to peace and prosperity..apply to the things of the flesh since it’s minus Christ. peace peace peace, but how to have true peace without the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ? Impossible. And bridge building/inter-faith, If I say the truth that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father and the hearers hear and reject that truth…the only way they’ll allow me to cross a bridge to them..only way they’ll listen to what I have to say..is if I toss off the truth I just told them and re-approach them without it, or with a half truth..or with lies. I tell people to flee the world and inter-faith and catholic church for along time now.
    The inter-faith is everywhere in the world now..even atheists will quote inter-faith phrases when pressed and most are unaware they’ve taken up some portion of the world unity gospel..many paths to the Father is inter-faith and even they’ll say such things.
    I believe it’s the infrastructure for the global religion of the beast..now they just await/need the beast to come take helm of it, course their unaware of that but 2nd timothy 2:26 shows people ensnared and 2nd cor 4 shows people blinded…
    Anyway build a bridge..from light to dark? join light with dark, truth with half truth and worse, lie’s? bad company corrupts good morals, what does Christ have in common with belial…

    I think the doug guy was meaning that when we see things happening we can also rejoice in that our redemption draws nigh and not that ecumenicalism and inter-faithism is good in any way. Many are ensnared further by worldly bent lie’s so it’s not good.
    Ecumenical-faux christian to faux christian.
    Inter-faith, faux christian with hindu, budda, islam, sikh, voodoo priests are even in the band..
    Also alot of mysticism’s..contemplative prayer, labyrinths..some really awful stuff often goes hand in hand in all of it, but they are enjoining with many of the eastern and other religions so yeah..a blend, of all awful.

    For the most part I consider the US as rev 17 etc babylon, the RCC produces the false prophet, the beast is the beast (his time is still to come) but the infrastructure to his rule is already built and building, the catching up comes pre-wrath but I prepare to endure til the end, and if it does come sooner I’ve certainly lost nothing by drawing closer to the Lord to still bear fruit through bad times/persecutions. But I don’t argue about the many prophecies nor condemn people who are say pre-trib as example, which I’ve seen many do..that’s also wrong. and what’s more important, to have the catching up all figured out and bear little fruit of the Spirit or bear more fruit and wait with patience upon the Lord to reveal more things to me.

    A note on islamic anti-christ idea, rev 9 shows judgements then shows people repent not of all the things they do, just as today, yet strict sharia would have drunkeness outlawed, homo’s would be outlawed, pro sports idolatry would be outlawed, pharma/drugs outlawed, adultery..etc etc, yet we see those sins and more continue onward til the end. Also the anti-christ is called the man of sin..sin will be rampant just as now and even more which doesn’t fit strict sharia, however an inter-faithing islam type person isn’t apt to ban many sins yet would have some traits of islam, could be the inter-faithing brand of islamic. others have said he’ll have traits of all the things and that makes some sense. I also read in daniel and thess that he’ll raise himself above all that is called god, so above allah or budda or..and in inter-faith it’s widely used and accepted and by all of the world the name ‘god’, if the AC said he was ‘god’..which is what is written he’ll say..the world is fine with that, and finally to not discount at all the strong delusion sent by God Himself in that day (2nd thess 2)..they’ll believe the lie’s because they rejected the truth of Christ.

    Anyhow thanks for the links, sounds like you have a good discussion group, is that at a church or more a fellowship/discussion. I don’t know many churches have prophecy oriented bible study’s, I suppose a few do.


    • As for Doug Batchelor it didn’t take long for me to find that he’s a seventh day adventist, whom I don’t really know a ton about except that they at one point had some false prophets claiming the end of the world would happen on a certain date and when it didn’t turned and said, “Oh, well he just misinterpreted his message wrong.” and kept their church going. I don’t know much more about their beliefs and haven’t felt a need to look into it any further right now. I’m not on a witch hunt, after all, but a hunt for truth. I find truth in bits and pieces where God allows me to throughout many different things but mostly through the Bible. If something doesn’t hold up to biblical standards, it’s out, in my book.

      I agree with what you were saying. There are many “new faiths” out there (prosperity gospel, new age movement, etc) and they do all tie together. I recently bought some books on different cultural mythologies that I want to read and compare to see how some of the faiths/traditions/rituals were started and carried over, as well as many of the false gods/goddesses that all have links across all religions that do not hold their faith in Christ (how the RCC worships Ishtar and Tammuz as Mary and Jesus, Ishtar being the same as Ester, etc). I also want to do an extensive look into the holiday traditions (or rituals) to better explain to others, in my group or not, as to why they do certain things or what they’re ACTUALLY representing. Mostly based on facts than just opinions though. Hopefully I can start on that soon.

      I don’t actually belong to a church but a small group of believers/friends/brothers. Right now there are only three of us and we were each called out of the church we were attending at different times. In a way we have started our own church with each other and fellowship with others when we can. I hope that what we have will grow someday soon with more people and I know God has plans for us in all of it, even if it’s not time for it right now. So for now we prepare for whatever we need to prepare for. I really do wish more churches utilized the gifts of the Spirit more often in a biblical and confirming way instead of disregarding them, but then the agendas that are meant to turn believers away from God and keep them from growing are in most churches today. It’s easy to see why they wouldn’t utilize something that would only bring others closer to God. I believe some churches may utilize those gifts but some of them also take it too far and don’t have multiple confirmations, especially biblical ones, and end up teaching falsely or doing more harm than good.

      Last year God started speaking to me about the gift of discernment (of spirits). For some reason it was one of the gifts that really interested me ever since I first learned about them. Possibly because while being raised in a baptist church the spiritual realm was rarely talked about, neither was spiritual warfare.
      I started reading a book by Helen Calder called “Unlocking the Gift of Discernment.” I don’t quite remember how I even came across it but it was helpful while getting started in the ideas of using any of the gifts and especially stressed the importance of getting anything you may feel/see/hear confirmed through others and biblically and not just running with it your first gumption. For me it has been kind of a bumpy ride and downright terrifying at times. Lately, things relating to that spiritual gift have been turned on and off while God needs me to deal with other things. I can honestly say I do not miss the creepy feeling of anything lurking through my house so I am thankful things are “turned off” right now. I use Luke 10:19 a lot in prayer to kick anything that may be around out. Not exactly sure why I use that one specifically instead of others but I find it helpful and a comfort while dealing with things that might be scary or startling.

      None of what is going on has ever been anything that I would have expected to deal with in my life. It’s not something my family understands either, since it’s typically not talked about and the concept of the spiritual gifts is seen (to some) as more passive traits, almost like a personality trait. To me, it would make sense that these gifts are something that you especially have to depend on God to utilize them properly. For me, mine causes me great fear sometimes and I have to rely on God for protection and relief. It’s not some easy thing for me to deal with most of the time. I’m sure others might have an easier time with their gifts but I know it can be easy for some to get caught up in themselves because of it all as well. It’s all difficult in one way or another I suppose. Most important thing is to rely on God and seek His counsel as well as biblical counsel.
      I have always felt that going to church left me still thirsting for more and I am glad to be able to start working towards better things and actual growth, despite struggles here and there (we are human, after all, and none of us are perfect like Christ).
      Are you involved in a church? Do you have people you share/discuss things with that deal more with prophecy or anything?


  6. Hi. Yeah the Lord will lead you into the gifts He has for you, sometimes you do find that your already doing them, like healing gift..people ask for prayer or your led to pray and people get better, but the general thought was more, give to those who ask=they ask for prayer so you prayed, and they got better :)) I don’t have the gift of discerning of spirits normally nor have studied about it but would help in effective prayers and the Lord tends a plant bearing fruit so it’ll bear even more fruit :)).
    There’s a blog called dreamsofdunamis.wordpress.com and she talks some about discerning of spirits as her kids have that gift so maybe some links from there..?
    I go to a small church but it’s strong and holds to the word, they walk in the Spirit and gifts are there but not like either end of the pendulum swing like you see on those video’s I guess. They also don’t have any ‘programs’ which is why it remains small I guess. A couple prayer groups and a deliverance ministry, yes demons get cast out. They have food after service, lots of prayer and praise..I dunno, just seems normal to me lol. Most there are older, maybe why no fancy programs meant to entertain, be ‘fun’ instead of joy, and programs to grow the church through means of the flesh. One plants another waters God causes the growth, unless God builds the house..acts 2:47 also. Also little tech there..no flashing light displays and stuff.
    Also some back and forth with people online in prophecy studies, I like prophecy so study a share of it, and also I guess I’m blessed in that 1 side of my blood family are born again believers, not in the same town all of us but I’m praying we become tighter knit for these day’s and already seeing some fruits of that.
    Anyway I thought everybody did/does their fair share of rebuking/casting out foul spirits, hearing that some churches/people don’t is hard to grasp why, it’s in the bible after all and with the culture turning more and more foul and occultic and lying signs and wonders also foretold it’s a wonder why churches don’t.
    Well keep rejoicing in Christ and remember we’re sealed in the Holy Spirit of promise unto the day of redemption…ephesians 1:13-14, the payment was made and sealed we are.


    • Thanks for the link to the other blog. I already checked her out after your comment and will probably read some more of her stuff. I was explaining tonight to others how I have always had a strong desire to help others going through spiritual warfare and oppression. I guess mostly to help with deliverance. Of course when I bring it up many people are confused and don’t understand what I would ever want to know or understand more of that aspect of our lives, but many people also disregard what the enemy is doing altogether. I’ve had people tell me that they grew up thinking that once they became a Christian they thought the devil left you alone, which is completely false to teach anyone! I’d say he has even more reason to bother you once you accept Christ because he wants to prevent you from being efficient or from helping anyone else.
      Your church sounds nice. We mostly have mega churches around here and some smaller ones. I’ve never witnessed any that practice in the gifts in a way that is biblical. It’s kind of a foriegn concept that I’ve seen around here, which is really sad to me. I’ve had family members kind of ignore my questions about them as if they’re not really much to look into, kind of discouraging about it, but I still seek those types of things. We’re even told to, as long as it’s for Christ’s Kingdom.
      Most Christians, that I have come across, don’t like to acknowledge demons at all. They also don’t think they have to worry about casting them out of places or objects, much less people.
      I like that your church doesn’t offer programs. Another blogger recently commented on my post about entertainment, “Hasn’t church become just that, entertainment, ? The one with the best entertainment has the most people.”
      It’s sad but true. I think that many that get away from these types of churches will find it difficult to adjust to what God would want it to be instead of what man has created it to be.


      • Hi. Yeah when you receive Christ if anything the battle is on. Those ensnared to the devil are not much of a bother to him since their already ensnared and captive, and with Christ comes sight, and then we see the many things and way’s of the devils snares and more so the battle is on.

        I’ve wondered on those who seem to ..act or think that demons somehow just vanished after Christ ascended? and so all the verses and truths and events on that are somehow irrelevant now. Many of them also flock to medicine for everything, or pharma..and are shocked to find out that the stuff was paid for (fast tracked) without proper studies and is harmful and etc..pharma=money before anything else and many issues are spiritual before physical and the physical is an outworking of the spiritual.


      • While the last week has been kind of rough, I had forgotten that you had sent me the link to the dreamofdunamis wordpress. I commented on one of her posts but couldn’t for the life of me remember where I had come across her blog to begin with.. until I noticed one of YOUR comments on one of her posts and I thought, “Hey! They comment on my stuff too!” And then it finally hit me.
        Anyway! Thank you for sending me that link, it did help me quite a bit so far.. with more than one thing.

        I don’t think that most people see what the Bible teaches about demons after Christ ascended. Most churches also do not speak much on the subject matter and I know from experience that if you try to bring up certain things they act like, “Oh we shouldn’t focus on that. We should only focus on Christ.” Well Christ was going around casting out demons and so were those he taught, so I would say that was a part of his ministry. Not just healing people physically, but allowing people to be healed spiritually through deliverance. [end tangent]
        Sorry. That stuff hits a nerve with me. I’ve had people that were elders in a church look at me like I was nuts when I brought some of that stuff. Of course I later learned their Bible was being interpreted by a huge false prophet so we left that place.
        And yes, a lot of people buy into the medicine aspect instead of relying on the healing powers of the Lord. I think a lot of the problem is that through what they’re being taught in churches (and a lack of encouragement to seek Him on their own) they feel that despite how long they wait for healing things will never get better.. the issue is that sometimes there are things in our way that keep Him from being able to interact with us the way He wants to but that’s not a topic that’s taught in church either. And then when you get people that only rely on what a pastor or minister tells them instead of seeking counsel from the Creator.. well you can see where I’m going with that.
        I can’t walk by a TV that’s on that isn’t pushing some sort of prescription drug for this or for that.. it’s poison and a way to make money. It’s pretty sickening. At the same time members of my family also rely on medications and other people to heal them over the Lord.. kind of in that same situation I was just describing.. it’s difficult to deal with and hard to figure out how to help them other than praying for them. That might be all I can do right now though.


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