Slo-wer Ti-mes

I haven’t had as much enjoyment out of reading my Bible in the mornings lately. I’m working through the first 12+ chapters of 1 Chronicles right now and it’s full of “the son of so-and-so was so-and-so” and “these are the sons of so-and-so.” Probably my least favorite parts. I think I made it through Numbers easier this time around than I have been with the end of 2 Kings and beginning of 1 Chronicles. I find that during some moments I almost cry out (more mentally than out loud) in a whine because of how daunting it can be from time to time, but  I know I shouldn’t complain. These are the words of God and I know they’re important even if it makes no sense to me right now. I also know that it doesn’t mean He can’t speak to me through it all even if I’m trying my hardest not to glaze over each verse. Of course while reading the King James Version it’s also separating each syllable in all the names so it takes me three times as long to read each name.
I’m not going to skip through all of these parts though, I cannot pick and choose what parts of the Bible I’m willing to read and what parts I am not. Many of us today choose to glaze over and skips parts that don’t make sense to us in the moment or seem boring. We don’t really have a right to be doing that, God doesn’t decide that we’re boring or not worth the time and skip over us so why do that to Him?
You’d be amazed at how He can actually speak through the written words on topics that have nothing to do with what you’re reading. Lately for me, however, I’ve had a hard time focusing on speaking with Him. I’ve been feeling a little off and have been incredibly distractable when it comes to speaking with Him more. I used to talk to Him constantly throughout my day and lately I have a hard time just sitting down and speaking to Him without a million other thoughts coming in to stray me from my train of thought.
I’m not sure if me feeling off has to do with feeling I’m lacking with what I’ve been reading in the Bible lately (which has also been a chore just to try to get five chapters done at times), or if it has to do with something coming up that will need to change soon. That’s how He got my attention the last time around when He started letting me know that something was off or needing to be changed. I don’t know what it will be this time or if it’s even Him causing it. It could easily be something else or even just myself. Though we all go through times like this I am not one to be fond of the monotony and overall feeling a lack of .. much of anything I suppose.
Hopefully I’ll know the reasons for all of this soon and it will be resolved.

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