Discernment: A Dozen to Three

Not long ago I had an experience in my house that was rather strange. I had been researching some information on a large corporation after learning about some of their more sinister background when I left my computer to go make myself some lunch. Suddenly I felt as if there were dozens of “beings” quickly moving through my house, in and out of rooms. Some seemed as if they were trying to disguise their sexual appearance, trying to seem male or female as if putting on a mask, but I had already noticed them and it was too late for that. They were moving around quickly and I remember that I was not afraid of them in the least, though a but thrown off to be in that particular situation. I went into the kitchen and started making my lunch as I started talking to God about it. I asked, quite confidently, that if they were not meant to be there that He would rebuke them and they would leave my house. Suddenly they were gone and it was still, if you can imagine something you perceived as suddenly being “still” or empty that is. They were then outside peering in through the windows. I remember one had its hands cupped around its face as if to block out the sun and have a better look inside, all the while wishing it hadn’t been kicked out or could get back in.
I remember that day quite well and it comes to mind on and off. I still wish constantly that my experiences were more like that with a lack of emotion while able to perceive what was going on around me. Often if I’m able to discern something around me it’s usually coupled with strong feelings of fear, anger, or overall frustration which affects me emotionally. I suppose that’s usually their goal, to cause emotional distress so that it’s harder to see where it’s coming from and you blame everything around you (or yourself).
It wasn’t until recently that I asked if there actually were that many things in my house. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t think to ask that before and assumed that there were as many as I had perceived. What felt like dozens actually wound up only being three. I guess that goes to show that even if we may be allowed to sense or perceive something is there it doesn’t always mean that what we are sensing or perceiving is true to our first reaction or thought. That things can be noticed, but it might not be accurate as to what you are actually noticing.
I’m not sure if I had written about that experience previously. I want to say that I have but it might be on a different blog than this one. Sorry for being repetitive if I’ve already mentioned it.


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