Don’t panic because of the thunder

It’s overcast and possibly going to rain here. When I hear the thunder I often think of God’s discontent with this age. I think of all the warnings He is giving others and it can be alarming at times. I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and remember that we still have time.. for now.
God doesn’t just cut off and destroy without warning, we see that throughout the Bible. He is giving others a chance and time to turn to Him and giving His children a chance to help those who need it.

But we have to be prepared.

We have to be ready, willing, and able to act when He calls us to. We have to be listening and open to His Holy Spirit to speak to us and help guide us to where we need to be.
I say this as I have slight anxiety right now. It could be from the warnings I’ve been reading about, the coming tribulations and hardships we may go through (sooner than later), or it may be because I had a Dr Pepper at lunch and the artificial caffeine is causing my heart rate to go up higher than it should be (most likely the case).
Through all of this I realize that I haven’t sat down and read my Bible yet today. I haven’t been seeking my own guidance from Him to help me be better prepared. I’m sitting down now, and about to read, but I thought I would say that we cannot be fully prepared without Him. We cannot move forward on our own and fulfill His will without Him.

Seek Him daily, hourly, by the minutes.. He will give you peace. He still has a plan for you and I and if they are to be carried out He knows it might take some time. We are, in fact, on His timeline and not our own.

Don’t panic, seek His peace. Yes, He grumbles at this generation and with the way the world has gotten, but He has not forgotten His children.

I don’t know if I’m writing this more for others or for myself. I’d say given the anxiety I’m feeling (stupid Dr Pepper..) that it’s more for myself.

The winds are changing and yes, time is getting shorter but what we may feel as “shorter” can be both years or seconds to Him.

There is still much to be done.

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