Acknowledging the Gifts of the Spirit

This was sent to me by a friend and was a very good read if anyone is interested in the gifts of the Spirit but doesn’t fully know or understand their existence. It’s broken down as to what Paul was writing about concerning them as many seem to believe that they have ceased from this day and age. I will admit I am surprised that so many believe that they no longer apply to us as the Body of Christ. I would say I’ve encountered more that pass them off as being passive or don’t always acknowledge that every believer can use the gifts to further the Kingdom of God (and that it mostly only comes through missionaries or church leaders), but I have not come across many that simply deny that they no longer exist in this world (completely).

“One cannot in any biblical sense say that God is not using spiritual gifts somewhere in the world at this time. The Bible does say the gifts will completely pass away while the church is growing,  the point is “when”  they will pass away. Since we still have knowledge and the perfect has not come Spiritual gifts are still are available to build up the body. But we must understand they are not under mans but God’s control when they will be used.

On a subject like this I know that there will be disagreement from either one side or the other. This is my conclusion after many years of hearing both sides of the arguments for and against and personally seeing actual spiritual gifts in action in my life and others. This is not to be understood as an endorsement of what we see in many Charismatic or Pentecostal churches. There are many counterfeits and many works of the flesh that are presented as a spiritual gift.

I believe there are spiritual gifts  for today (with certain qualifications) but I want to believe and practice  and accept them as the Bible teaches. Spiritual gifts exercised correctly will always bring health and life to the body of believers.

In what capacity are the gifts active today, are they like they were in the first century or different? This is what we will look into in the next portions of this topic.”

For those who are interested in seeing testimonies for people using the gifts today I would suggest looking into The End of Churchianity. Not sure if any of the testimonies specifically from the documentary can be found on YouTube.


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