Christians and Miracles: Faith and Healing

I realize I have had what many would consider life changing events and experiences of God in my life. They have changed me in ways and affected me in good ways. I also realize, however, that I have areas in my life that need healing. Areas that have probably come up after the time that I became a Christian (around age 7 or 8). I do not believe that I had a lot of the same issues I might have today, especially being so young. Many of them came from experiences I had later in life or formed due to consequences to decisions I have made.
With that being said, I have often wondered why many non-believers seem to see more miracles happening in their lives than people who say they are Christians. It’s gotten to the point that many Christians don’t believe in miracles the way they can still happen today, the way Jesus Christ showed us. He tells us that we can do what He did, so why don’t more people who believe in Christ believe that?
Well the non-believers don’t seem to know about them. And the Christians? Most either think those kinds of gifts are dead, non-applicable to this day and age, or maybe they have issues in their faith. In the past I assumed most of it was the issue of a lack of faith (which it may be) but now I’m starting to understand it in a different light – because of how it applies to me.
Yes, God could touch me in a way that I am completely healed physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually… but that wouldn’t really make me trust in Him for the healing as much as having to depend on Him for it. I have to depend on God and really seek Him for this healing. It’s not a matter of lack of faith that He could do it, it’s a matter of having the faith that He WILL do it.
I’ve often questioned if the issue is my lack of faith that God could heal me in an instant. I do not believe this is the case, because I KNOW He could. Right now God needs me to be where I am at, constantly seeking Him and looking forward to what He will work in my life. This process (yes, it’s a process) needs to take time. God needs me to give Him the time to work this in my life because He can’t do it if I’m going to resist or just fall right back to my old ways and in this behaviors will have to be changed as well.
I don’t need to have some life-changing miracle in my life to heal, I just need God in my life to heal. I already accepted Christ as my Savior and I’ve already asked God to be in my life and to forgive me of my sins (continuously), so I don’t need to have some crazy miracle to heal me and my life; I just need God. HE is my miracle just as HE is the one that has already saved me, there are just a few pieces that need to be mended.
So maybe that’s the reason many Christians don’t see the full healing power of God in the form of a miracle. Miracles are used to show God’s power and we’re supposed to already know God’s power. Maybe it’s a lack of faith but not that He has the power but that He would use that power to heal us and because it’s not in the time frame we wish it was, we easily give up on it.

Don’t give up on God’s healing power. He’s in control of everything but you still have to let Him have control of your life in order to heal you. Ask Him to work in you in a new way, to heal whatever you need healed, and trust that He will. Ask that His hands will be unbound to work in your life (because we bind them through sin). Keep the faith that He will change you and remember, sometimes He has to break a heart in order to heal it again properly.

A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. – Ezekiel 36:26

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. – Psalms 51:10


4 thoughts on “Christians and Miracles: Faith and Healing

  1. sometimes He heals right away and sometimes not, if always right away would we ever learn endurance, james 1 and 1st peter 1:7, also spiritual warfare..sometimes we have to fight for our faith, fight the good fight of faith as the devil often tries to bring doubts about many things and complainings too..complainings is also a lesson to learn to stop doing! (for me it was anyway) lol.
    one aspect of spiritual warfare is learning to take captive all thoughts to obedience to Christ, all the contrary thoughts/attacks that are against the truth of the word, another is in the letting go of our will being above His will..when I was first saved and soon had a severe injury it was at first..oh yeah even if He never heals me yet I will praise Him, not having learned any depth nor been through any fires..but unable to fully function physically after many months it rose to the surface that it was still my will and purposes in matters and not God’s will, had that element of me first and not God first..! so but through the fires many things are burned away, praise God. And healing did come, in His time and His way and purposes=the best way.
    rejoice always!

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    • Well I’m glad the Lord did heal you and help you learn to trust in Him! Like I was saying either in this post or another one, I think many want and expect dramatic, drastic, instant results and we have to realize that He wont always work that way. Sometimes He wants us to have faith in Him about it altogether.
      However, I do believe that He would work with some in forms of miracles and instant healing to show His power to non-believers. That’s why I think many believers may understand that He CAN do that but if we already know Him we’re supposed to understand that sometimes He has a different will for us than that instant gratification. We’re supposed to already know His power and it does not have to be demonstrated if we truly trust in Him and believe on Him.


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