My God is a Living God and He Takes Care of Me

Over the last year I have been provided for by incredible means – and they are all from God, Jehovah, King of kings, Lord of lords, the Great I Am, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

I am incredibly and eternal grateful for the provisions He provides for me even to this day.
One of the things I was thinking about tonight, after brushing my teeth, was the ‘nightguard’ that He provided a way for me to get. I grind my teeth at night, usually severely with stress. I’ve been known to wake others or keep them awake due to grinding my teeth so hard in my sleep and would later told I would end up whimpering because of the pain (while still asleep). This last year the Lord provided me with a way to get a new decent “guard” to fit my teeth to help deal with this. I have had them before but the old one was getting so thin from years of grinding away that it was about to break.

The Lord also let me know last year that I could finally quit my job which made me miserable and I hated. I did have some work to do before I was able to leave (some of His work). I do not know if I was still there as a way to test or plant seeds for others, if it was a test of my obedience (while learning), or all of the above. I was scared yet overjoyed to be able to leave the job I had and I haven’t had to get another job since, even with the few bills I have and having to spend money here and there. (He also helped me with buying new clothes, which I rarely do as it is.)
I quit my job with nothing saved – and the Lord provides for me still.

Over the holidays last year I received more money as gifts than I have that I can remember. I also know this was the Lord helping me. I try to be very frugal, trying not to touch any of my money unless I have to. I even found the rest of the “Christmas money” I was given that I had forgotten about as I had stored it away. This happened after I had been praying for help with getting Nixon’s annual exam and shots – the Lord provides for me still.

More recently I was pulling into the driveway and thinking about my car (I drive a ’03 Mitsubishi Galant). I am incredibly grateful for the little car and that I have had one to drive. It hasn’t given me many problems. The AC has been replaced twice (I think) and the break drums once in the ten years that I have had it. Anyway, I was thinking to myself while still in my car, on how it would be nice to have a taller car (my shoulder has still been hurting, especially when climbing out of my car) and one that doesn’t have the issue with the driver’s side door that tries to swing shut every time I try to get out. It IS a pretty filthy car and I admit I haven’t taken very good car of the interior of it over ten years. It’s full of dog hair (I call it a “fur lining”), reeks of smoke, and I once forgot a can of Dr Pepper in the cup holder in the summer (guess what happened) which left a stain that I can only describe as looking like some sort of arterial spray on the ceiling. But it’s still a car. It’s still MY car that I am free to drive wherever I choose, though I don’t really travel or get out much. I don’t really know if I “need” a different car as this one still functions and does what I need it to, getting me to from point A to point B. Anyway, I haven’t been necessarily been praying for a new car but recently my grandfather called my mom and asked if she would be interested in having his sports SUV. He recently moved to an apartment from his house and is downsizing in all sorts of areas. I guess I was a little surprised by this and felt that it had to be the Lord because the day after I heard about this phone call my mom asked if I would be interested in having his car. I do not know if I need this car but if the Lord is willing to provide it, and I know He knows what’s best, then I will take it. Of course I’m still praying about it. If it’s in His will I pray it will happen… Either way I’m thankful and the Lord provides for me still.

Last week I was having a rough day and at once point was overcome with so much anger and frustration that I decided to leave the house and drive around for a little while. You know, one of those days where it felt like it was one thing after another and you feel like you can barely take it. I left while Brandon and my mom were busy doing some work at the house and after calming down a bit I decided to stop and get everyone an ice cream slush from Sonic (they’re pretty good if you’ve never had one). After parking in the driveway I had the thought about how horrible it would be if I dropped one of the three drinks I was struggling to get out of the car with. While attempting to climb out of my car the door decided to, once again, try to slam shut on me which of course knocked one of the drinks out of my already full hands. Swear words were said as I attempted to somehow save this drink though it was too late. Slushy ice cream was spilling out all over while I realized the bottom had completely busted off the cup so there was no way of picking the cup back up to throw it away with less mess. Right after I threw the cup away, the car door finally slamming shut as it wanted to all along, I realized to my horror that I had locked the door (habit when exiting the car) and the keys were still inside along with my bag and the other two drinks. It was a very frustrating situation and I have not locked myself out of a car in over ten years – NEVER with the car I currently have and of course I only have one copy of the key. I went in and explained it to Brandon and he came out to try to help. After all three of us had silently been praying that we could get it unlocked, and after ruining only one metal coat hanger, the locks were popped. I know the Lord was ministering to me (or sent someone to do it) because while every other little thing going on earlier drove me nuts I had peace throughout this much more frustrating situation.

I’m not bragging by any means. How could I? The glory all goes to the Lord and that is where it belongs. I guess the point I’m making while explaining these things is this:

the Lord provides. (period)

Wherever, whenever, and whatever we may need, He is there for us. All we have to do is seek Him.

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