End of Churchianity

Ah! Was excited to see today that the documentary ‘End of Churchianity’ is now on YouTube for people to watch for free! I definitely recommend it to everyone, especially those discouraged about having an Acts church.

The End of Churchianity – DOCUMENTARY:

There are other testimonies I might leave links to in the comments later when I have my computer with me.


3 thoughts on “End of Churchianity

  1. WOW! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    It gave me comfort to hear that others in other countries can see angels and can heal those in need. I used to think that America was already saturated with the stories of the bible, and for the most part, evangelized, But now I realize that , because of its lukewarm churches, it has become a real ‘mission’ place all its own, in need of the fire of the Holy Spirit….

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    • Forgot to add that I especially agree with this country needing the fire of the Holy Spirit. I was raised in the lukewarm churches where it seems many act as if miracles from the Lord just don’t seen to happen that way anymore. They don’t believe.


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