This is my dog, Nixon.


    • He’s stubborn.
    • He’s not very good at walking on a leash, I didn’t really train him on that very well when he was younger.
    • I have to keep him closer to me or he’ll try to wander around and end up pulling me.
    • Sometimes he will pick up a scent and try to pull this way and that.
    • He tries to lead me. Although I do put him on the left side (which is the submissive side) we still go through a battle of who is leading who.
    • Starting out you can’t give him too much slack on the leash unless you want to lose an arm.
    • He has to be tired out in order to walk in the actual “heel” position without pulling too much
    • He can come off as aggressive. If he sees anyone jogging, running, biking, walking another dog, or just moving quickly he will freak out, rear up, and act as if he could eat a baby.
    • He’s big. He’s about 76lbs and  has a large head. That’s usually one of the number things people comment on about him.
    • He’s a momma’s boy. He follows me around everywhere I go, often referred to as the ‘blonde shadow’
    • He loves to cuddle. He’s my lap dog and will also leave piles of hair in my lap upon getting up.
    • He will always be there for me.
    • He loves me despite anything I might do

You may be wondering why I’m writing about my dog. Well, one reason is because I love him and he’s wonderful. The other reason is that tonight while struggling to get him to obey me it made me start comparing our walks with my walk with the Lord.

  • I’m stubborn.
  • I wasn’t raised with the discipline of walking with God growing up though I can’t say it was discouraged. I’ve had to learn that on my own and it’s an on-going process.
  • I’ll try to stray this way and that if I’m given too much slack, leading me off the path I’m supposed to be on.
  • I can be easily distracted from where I’m supposed to be, losing my primary focus.
  • I can fight and pull and eventually wear myself out to the point that I’ll just have to be still, listen, and obey.
  • I can become weary or on guard if anyone tries to get too close to me.
  • I’m a daddy’s girl at heart, though never one growing up, I want to please my Heavenly Father
  • I always have the Lord, who is always there for me
  • The Lord loves me despite what I might do and always allows me to come back to Him

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