Exercising in the Spirit

Last night Brandon was over late and after everyone else had gone to bed we were up talking about the way things are now and things of the Lord. Often times when we do this it can be quite noticeable when the spirits around that hide in my house start getting uncomfortable that we are there together and begin shifting around. While we were talking in one room, the lights in the living room next to us were off and I perceived a spirit standing in the dark slightly leaning over peeking or peering in where we were as if to see what we were doing.
I told Brandon I perceived it but didn’t tell him what I had noticed about what stuck out the most of its appearance. I then asked him to ask the Lord if He would tell him what it was I saw as a form of spiritual exercise (we’ve been talking about doing some sort of exercise like this but haven’t had many chances yet). Brandon started praying (I did too) and after a short time looked at me and asked if it had something to do with the color orange. It did! The spirit seemed to have deep orange-colored eyes, or orbs for eyes, and the rest of it was very dark which Brandon also commented on the darkness of it. I’m still excited over that! That the Lord allowed us to exercise like that.

It did occur to me not long after that I must have actually perceived a spirit that was there and it wasn’t just in my head which is easy to think sometimes. Either way it was neat and I hope we can do more spiritual exercise of some kind to help us grow. It also occurred to me that it was such a small thing for the Lord and how I was amazed by something so little that He can do, will do, and does. Either way it was still a neat experience as I have not really had one like that.


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