Crochet Doll: Little Dylan

As mentioned in my previous post the Lord has led me to crochet some dolls for people as gifts. I don’t personally know any of these people and for this doll the Lord gave me the imagery of what to make and how it would look. I had a lot of trouble with the hood on the jacket of this one and it was several days before I finally finished it. At first I wasn’t sure why it was taking me so long to figure it out and had been frustrated and praying about it. At the time I was also wondering what I would make next and by the time this one was finished (praise the Lord!) someone gave me a list of two doll requests! He does work in mysterious ways!
DSC_0907B DSC_0908B DSC_0916B DSC_0919BSorry the photos aren’t that great, I have trouble finding decent lighting.


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