Crochet Doll: Little James

This was a commission piece someone requested for their grandson (or great-grandson). I hope they like it. I was unsure of how it would turn out at first but had to let the Lord lead me on a lot of aspects of it and I think it turned out nicely. I hope the family it’s going to likes it. The buttons are functional on the overalls so the straps can be either crisscrossed or straight (I like them crossed). The t-shirt was difficult to figure out at first. It’s one with two buttons on the back to close it off while the bottom portion is sown together. Tried to make a tank top with added sleeves for a shirt but it never looked right because the neck had to be large enough to fit the body through to take it on and off. Using two buttons works a lot better. I will probably be sending this doll with the extra tank top I made that’s exactly like the one on the Little Dylan doll.

DSC_1018b DSC_1027b DSC_1031b DSC_1041b DSC_1044b DSC_1046b


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