Crochet Doll: Army Guy

I had been thinking about trying to make a doll with a flat top for some reason, unknown to me at the time. When I finally started working on it I was getting the impression I was going to be making an army doll. First the imagery started with the combat boots, camouflage shorts (which I made as pants instead) and a gray t-shirt. I later added the jacket and a backpack (which holds the “Emergency Med Kit” containing spare yarn just in case).
Took me a while to finish the hair, mostly because the Lord was leading me on how to do it and I kind of avoided it for a little while. I finally sat down and started embroidering the sides to give it more of a hair-standing-up-flat-top kind of feel. Should have listened and obeyed the Lord on it in the first place!
This doll will be going to a veteran that stays at the nursing home. I do not know his name and barely remember what he looks like other than seeing him in a wheelchair and always wearing a veteran cap (unless he’s eating, in which case it’s sitting on the table next to him). We haven’t seen him around as much lately so I hope that me being disobedient about parts of the doll didn’t cause us the opportunity to give it to him. I’m sure it will work out and I’m just waiting on timing. I hope he likes it and doesn’t find it too odd that some random person made a doll for him just because God told her to!

Here are the photos. They’re not great but they’ll do.
Crochet army doll 01 Crochet army doll 05 Crochet army doll 02-horz

Crochet army doll 06
UPDATE 10/28/15
Before delivering this doll to the man at the nursing home I had a feeling I should name the doll ‘Henry’ or “Herold.’ It turns out that the man’s name is Henry. I was very excited that the Lord shared that with me!

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