And then We had Rabbits

Well things seem to be picking up over here or at least we’re getting busier.
We’re officially rabbit people now. Brandon was led to start buying rabbit hutches here and there, one of which included a rabbit family of four. We gave away the parents and sold one of the babies (I named the kits, which is the term for the babies, “Lavern” and “Shirley). We kept Shirley kind of as “my” pet.
We drove down to A&M to buy 11 pedigreed rabbits from their specialty breeding program, 2 of the rabbits we picked up for some other people from the rabbit community (yes, it exists. Mostly online). On the way back we got into a car wreck and thankfully everyone, including the rabbits, were fine. I guess this all happened about a month ago now.
This last weekend the rain came in pretty hard. Had to get the rabbits covered under tarps all the while the backyard flooded. After walking around barefoot with jeans rolled up we finally wised up and bought some rain boots. I’m thankful for that since the temperature also dropped and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to walk around in the freezing water while trying to feed everyone.
So we have rabbits. Or maybe I should say Brandon has rabbits since they live at his place. We’ve named most of them. We have Bessemer (“Bess”), Cletus/Cleaveland (still debating), Stardust (“Star”), Larry Houdini, Momma, Lucy, Bubba (“Clayton Jr.”), Shirley, and Dot.
Larry’s name came from an adventure of his escape a few days after we brought them back. I was calling him “Little Lost Larry” and after praying about it he was spotted outside of the neighbor’s house in their side yard. His name later changed to Larry Houdini with inspiration from comments coming from Brandon’s dad (as well as the irony that he escaped).
Dot is a rabbit that Brandon got in a trade for one of the A&M rabbits he brought back for someone. She’s generally the sweetest rabbit he has and is very socialized, especially compared to the others. She’s been in quarantine and wound up getting ear mites. Ever since then she’s been pretty cranky and doesn’t seem very fond of me. She generally growls at me and tries to knock food out of my hand when I’m feeding her when I go over there. Hopefully that will improve over time.
They’re all different in personality for the most part. Lucy loves to eat and sits at her dish chewing with her eyes closed like she’s in Heaven.
Larry still acts like he’s constantly trying to find another way out.
Momma was probably one of the most nervous at first but she’s finally starting to calm down. She doesn’t always rake your hands when you try to give her things anymore. For a while she squealed like a guinea pig anytime someone came near her or touched her.
Bubba has a lot of personality. We bred him with Shirley and at first she came after him but he quickly put a stop to that. He thumped his foot at her quite a few times to show he wasn’t going to put up with that. (We still don’t know yet if Shirley was bred yet but we’ll find out soon enough.)
The others are all starting to come around as well. I’m thankful for them even though I’m not able to be around them except when I drive to Brandon’s (which is half an hour away).

I know the Lord is leading us on this rabbit-adventure. Things have been kind of all over the place both physically and spiritually. I think things are picking up speed though I don’t quite know the direction. Brandon and I have both been struggling spiritually and any and all prayers are appreciated.

I’ve also been crocheting like crazy, though I’ve been forced to slow down some physically. I can’t crochet constantly, even when I try. I’ve had some doll requests and I’m finally getting to the last two. Just have to figure out outfits for them. (By the way, I’m moving my crochet posts to the blog Unigurumi.) After these two are done I’ll probably start gift ideas for family. I’ll try to post my crochet updates on the site listed above.

Brandon finally got the cage material in to make cages this last week and if I’m able I’ll help him with that. My parents are getting their kitchen remodeled starting Monday so I’m going to be busy trying to help pack everything up and move it before then.

I think for now I’ll leave this post and update more later.

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