Today was an alright day.

I started reading in Numbers today which can be difficult to get through at times. Upon looking at the scriptures, even the ones most consider boring, I found myself wondering what the spiritual significance is to books like Numbers (or some in Kings and Chronicles. You know, the lists). I haven’t had any answers on the significance of Numbers. I know for some cultures are REALLY big into genealogies and such and would not believe the Bible if it weren’t for some of those things. I know there’s much more to it than that. Anyone have any ideas?

My day went with reading a little and then getting to work on packing up my parents kitchen. I was thankful that Brandon came over as I quickly realized how slow the process can be for just one person. I did get quite a bit accomplished and we got most everything done. Demolition for their remodel starts on Monday so the fridge, washer, dryer, and various other things will not be moved until Sunday afternoon or evening.

I am tired.

On and off throughout the day I felt that same feeling I start to feel when the presence of spirits is near. It didn’t start until this afternoon and I’m not sure where it was coming from. It came and went, as usual at my house, and other than praying against it I kind of ignored it. Unless I am instructed to get rid of whatever it is (and whatever it is revealed to me for such purposes) I just have to pray against whatever it COULD be and not focus on it all the time.

Brandon left this evening and not long afterwards he called me which usually means he forgot something. This time, however, he told me that he came across a man and offered him a ride since it’s pouring rain here. He was calling to ask for me to prepare some provisions for this man. I guess they weren’t going to take him up on his offer but he could at least give them some things to help with whatever he may need. I quickly got together some plastic bags and began to fill them. Thankfully Brandon had brought over some tarps to let my dad borrow. I had thought he had brought too many at first but it turned out to be the perfect amount (thank you, Lord) as we could give one to this man in need. I grabbed that and quickly began to fill the bags with water, packages of crackers, miscellaneous pre-wrapped snacks and bars, some sodas, and of course a Bible. Actually, I packed a Gideon Bible as well as a full KJV. We usually have both to give away as needed.
Brandon came back to the house to pick up the bags of items I had packed and made a comment that the guy was soaked. I told him to grab some more plastic bags and but several towels in them that the man could use and keep as well as a pair of socks (that I hope will fit him). I know I hate having to wear wet socks in the rain. I was also trying to think of some sort of hat or cap I might have when Brandon suggested the same thing. I went into my closet and the only ones I could find were some old Starbucks caps I still had, which would be better than nothing. I’m not sure why I hadn’t gotten rid of them as I hate Starbucks, but now I’m thankful I had them.
After Brandon left I was instantly led to pray for this man.

My day was pretty tiring and kind of so-so until the opportunity to help someone in need. That honestly was the best part of my day. A lot has been put in perspective for the entire day as well, or at least I was reminded of how much I truly enjoy helping others in need in whatever way I can.

I will probably never meet this man and know nothing about him, but even the opportunity to offer something such as dry towels, water, food, and of course the Word of God is so special to me. I hope and pray this man does or will get to know the Lord and will be blessed by Him.

God truly is the only one to bring true joy into ones life. For me, that joy often comes from being able to give freely to others.

Today was a blessed day.


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