And More Rabbits

There’s been a lot going on lately in my life and around all of us here. Brandon and I have kind of made a friend (the homeless man mentioned in a previous post) that we try to help out and encourage in the Lord as we can. I will admit it seems to be something Brandon is led in more than myself, which is fine as I do not see it being appropreiate for me to offer any assistance unless Brandon is present (unless, of course, the Lord leads me to).

The rabbits all seem to be doing well. We need to prepare their area and winterize their hutches for the cold. It dropped down to 32 degrees here last night and has been in the mid 50’s during the day. They can withstand cold more easily than the Texas heat but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to be prepared since the weather is pretty unpredictable MOST of the time.
Shirley’s babies (she’s my rabbit) are growing well. As soon as they hit their 5 week age they’ll be sold off as pets. One will go to a friend of Brandon’s cousin who wanted a black and white rabbit. We just so happen to have one we have dubbed “Ninja” because of how it darts around and tries to climb all over you. Most all of the babies (kits) have names now and they’re pretty adorable as their fur is growing out. We’ll probably be breeding Shirley again soon. I’m really thankful her and Lucy have been such good momma’s in taking care of their babies.

I have some photos I got of them that I’ll post below:


This is Ninja. I hope he/she (we don’t know the sexes of the babies yet) will have a good home.


This is “Piggy.” Named because it has been the largest of the five, always with a full belly and ready to eat. This one probably has the best markings of all of them with the dutch markings (from the momma) and the brown instead of black (from the dad).


This is Squirrel. This one always looks like it has a pudgy face and always seems like it’s ready for another nap.


This is Pepe. I named it that because it always had its ears up and out and had a “peppy” personality. It’s the smallest of the litter and I will miss it after it’s gone. Pepe is also the only one that would fit in that glass for the photo! haha

There’s another white one that’s larger than Pepe. I’ll post the rest of the photos below.DSC_0432-1600.JPG







I like the pocket photos a lot but I’ve saved my very favorite for the end of this post.



God’s creatures are so amazing.


One thought on “And More Rabbits

  1. They’re very cute. I had one briefly when I was a little girl. I wanted to stop by and thank you for the support you gave me on my blog a few months ago. I appreciate you. God bless.


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