Warfare Prayers in the Bible

I used to read Psalms and had such a hard time relating to them, usually when David was speaking against his enemies. I was stuck in the mind frame of natural, physical enemies when reading Psalms, until I came across part of a warfare book that opened my eyes. In part, it reads as this concerning the Psalms:
“David prayed against the enemy conspiracies of the wicked. The Psalms are filled with references to the plans of his enemies to overthrow him. His prayers were the key in destroying these plans and bringing him to deliverance. David prayed for his enemies to be scattered, confused, exposed, and destroyed.
David’s struggles were with natural enemies. Behind these natural enemies were spiritual ones that were opposed to the Davidic kingdom. Jesus was to come from this lien and sit upon this throne. David was fighting something beyond the natural. Through the Holy Spirit he was contending with the powers of darkness that were set against the arrival of the kingdom of God.” – Prayers that Rout Demons

I believe this was one way the Lord opened my eyes to how the Bible can be used in our prayer lives. I am one of those types that usually isn’t sure how or what I’m supposed to pray, especially when it comes to praying with authority. I do know that at times I don’t even have to say anything during that time with the Lord; He knows what is on my mind and heart (very thankful for that).
I have noticed a difference when using scripture for prayer, which I started out using the book listed above (it uses mostly scripture based prayers, with biblical references listed after each one). When I first got this book I had spirits trying to tell me it was compared to a “spell book.” Of course that was a lie.
I know the enemy hates for me to use either the prayer book or my Bible as prayers to the Lord. I do not use that prayer book as a substitute for my Bible, I use it to help me learn more during times of warfare. The Lord has lead me several times in reading certain things (out loud) and I have seen a lot of differences in situations and people around me. There are times that it is difficult to keep up with, however, and I have started leaning more towards reading my Bible aloud instead. But, for the times that I have no idea what to pray concerning the warfare around me it’s nice to have somewhere to start, listed by category.
I’ve actually thought about trying to compile my own list of warfare prayers. Maybe not right now, but eventually. I’ll have to see if that’s something the Lord would want me to do first.


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