Spirit of Gluttony and Excess

A few weeks ago we went to eat at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants. While we were there I started to feel the presents of spirits around us, though with the amount of people around it was difficult to figure out where they were coming from.

I remember that I wanted an appetizer, which we do not usually get, and after ordering one I didn’t really enjoy it even though it sounded good at the time.

After awhile I commented to Brandon about the spirits around in the restaurant and how they were making me feel physically drunk despite neither of us having any alcohol. This is the first time I have ever experienced a spirit that would cause this kind of effect.

After we left, and we were attempting to cast these things off of us in the name of Jesus, I could still feel them, now in the car with us. I asked Brandon to inquire of the Lord on what spirits they were. He was told it was both gluttony and excess. Gluttony I expected, but I wasn’t aware of a spirit of excess.
I remember becoming angry that these spirits were following us and would not leave. It felt as though they were riding in the backseat of the car.

As we were pulling in to our next destination I asked Brandon if he still had the receipt from the restaurant. It must have been the Lord leading me on this, as I do not think I would think this quickly on a normal basis when dealing with spirits. I bound the spirits to the receipt, tore it up, and threw it out the window.
Praise the Lord, that were gone after that! I hope and pray we never have those two around us again.

Eventually we left and after being in the car I could still feel the presence. I don’t currently remember if I tried casting them out or not but that’s usually what I do.

Since they didn’t seem to want to leave we inquired the Lord about this and were told it was the spirit of gluttony and the spirit of excess. They did not seem to want to leave despite casting them out.
Finally I found the receipt from the restaurant, bound them to it,  tore it up, and threw it out of the car window. They were gone after that.


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