Witchcraft in Music

This experience came to mind so I thought I should share it. Also witchcraft seems to be coming up a lot lately.

One of Brandon’s neighbors will play constant music while he is outside doing yard work or whatever else he does outside (I think working out). He blasts an array of different  that you can hear very clearly, from country to pop, to hard rock or things like Marilyn Manson.

Recently a popular pop song came on that I know is full of and from the occult. I heard the intro start to play and immediately started praying and speaking against it in the name of Jesus. Before it got very far into the song this neighbor changed it to something else.

Thank you Lord, for moving him in this way! It’s hard to say what spiritual filth some songs are releasing to those who listen to them or the areas they are in when played, but I am thankful that the Lord is so much stronger than anything the devil might release. I’m also thankful for answered prayers and know it was only the Lord that worked in this, not myself. Honestly I wasn’t expecting him to change the song or praying for him to turn the music off, I was just asking for things to not be let in and for things to be bound and cast out.

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