Workers of witchcraft

For those that do not know already, the Lord has blessed us with rabbits. Raising, breeding, and selling rabbits has been some of the work He has given us. It is a part of His Ministry in some way, shape, and form.

Lately we’ve been working on getting the cages that Brandon built put to use and trying to move everyone to better areas of the yard. In this, over a short period of time, we have had plenty of difficulties as well as some of our rabbits getting health issues of various sorts.
It wasn’t until the other day, through frustration and exasperation, that Brandon stated that he didn’t know what was going on lately and why things were suddenly getting worse. Hearing that struck a chord in my head and I immediately asked the Lord what manner of spirit was working against us or causing problems. I felt/perceived the word “witchcraft” come to my mind and asked Brandon for confirmation. We also asked if it possibly came about by something we had done or told someone that could have knowingly or unknowingly cursed the work we were doing with the rabbits and/or the rabbits themselves. The Lord said it wasn’t caused by anyone we know but did confirm witchcraft.

Today we are more aware that the enemy is trying to work against us on what the Lord has blessed us with.
In one way they work to get Brandon irritable anytime he does anything with or for the rabbits. They work against me to try and get me to resent and be frustrated with Brandon, especially if he becomes irritable with the bunnies or if I’m left mostly taking care of them while he works on other things.

Yesterday Brandon and I were trying to put together temporary shelter from the coming rain to use until we have a more permanent roofing system up.
I noticed or perceived someone walking in the alley near where we were. Normally I would have thought it was a neighbor, possibly moving a trashcan, but I remember only noticing them walk back and forth near where we were and not near the neighbor’s driveway or trashcans. Instantly I started praying against any demon that might be looking for a way onto the property, praying in the name of Jesus. I didn’t notice it again in the alley and I’ve noticed or perceived similar things at my own home doing the same thing.

Moments later I was trying to help Brandon but we quickly became irritable, turning against each other. I walked away and felt the Lord tell me something was trying to get us to work against each other and I was given much peace from the Lord. I went back to Brandon and apologized and told him what I was told. We finished working and went about what else we needed to do. I noticed our moods both improved and we both seemed much more attentive and loving toward each other as we worked.

I still feel that there are things working against us on this. It feels as though there is a darkness looming about but it’s not very clear just yet on what we need to do about it currently or what to pray against.

I know and am aware that the spirits of and works of witchcraft can come from many areas.  I know that workers of witchcraft can be led to curse things and people they do not know or have never met. I’m aware also that curses can come from some of the most seemingly unlikely situations or people.
And in this case it’s unclear exactly where or whom it’s coming from. They may not even know us.

Please be praying more of this will be revealed and that the Lord resolves this. This is not the first time witchcraft has come our way. The Lord has led me to pray against such spirits before and I wish I could say I believe this will be the last time things are sent our way. The devil seeks to destroy anything the Lord is working on so it’s to be expected, even if it’s not always in ways we except.

Brandon also told me today that while talking to the Lord about this that only parts were revealed. One part being that they were trying to get us to hate and resent what the Lord has blessed us with, seeing it more as a burden than a blessing. I’m thankful that was revealed as it makes sense and goes along with what I have been feeling already (the part about them working to turn me against Brandon and get Brandon frustrated with everything).

There are still parts that have not been revealed yet. If anyone has any insight, thoughts, or words from the Lord I would love to hear them. Feel free to comment below.


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