Faces and eyes are everywhere

For as long as I can remember if I look at certain kinds of objects, say trees or fences for example, I often see eyes and faces. Particularly eyes. I’m sure that many people do this, much like looking for shapes in the clouds on a nice day.

I’m not exactly sure why this topic came to mind tonight, but what it reminds me of is how even when I was very young I remember quite often having the feeling I was being watched, usually by some invisible being which I always felt was male. I could be alone in a room physically but always felt there was someone there that could see me but I couldn’t see them.
I can’t say if whatever I was being watched by back then was from the Lord or the devil, though while trying to remember it was never a very comforting feeling. In fact, in some ways it probably caused some paranoia which only leads or confirms to me that it was of the devil. Even today I do not like having doors or cabinets left cracked open, idle cameras like the one on my laptop or the self facing camera on my phone (they both have tape over them), and still always feel I’m being watched from house windows or being followed while out on a walk. I almost always feel that someone is watching me despite whatever I am doing, though there are times I can ignore it.
Thankfully I know the Lord watches over me and protects me as well.

Even when I was working on coming back to the Lord (again) and discernment was being revealed, I would perceive spirits that stood and watched me, usually from across the street or from the neighbor’s yard. I noticed them every time I went outside. I understand now that the way they looked when I perceived them was probably a lie and I believe their main intention was possibly not only to watch but to scare me, which they did. I was terrified of them for quite a while.

But when looking at things that seem to have texture, like bark or even my ceiling at times, I always seem times see faces and eyes. Even more recently I stepped out of the shower and saw this towel:


Do you see it?
I did not do anything to that towel to hold such a shape or image. I actually hadn’t touched it. I don’t even know if I was the one to hang that towel there. The maids my mom has clean our house folded the bottom up and I hadn’t even been home most of that week.
I didn’t notice it until I got out of the shower and looked directly at it.

I might be making something out of nothing concerning that and me seeming to always see faces and eyes in things, I don’t know. I did, however, go ahead as pray over it and anything that might have caused it, cleansing it and casting it out in the name of Jesus. Later I noticed that despite the image still being there it felt different; empty.

Honestly, I felt a little silly about the whole thing with the towel, even though I did feel a difference after I had prayed over it, so I guess it wasn’t for nothing. That seems like a common thing for the devil to try to do as well (no, not your laundry); try to make you think that something that could be spiritually harmful is silly and unimportant. Either way, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I’ve also since used this towel and last time I glanced at it you could still make out where it had been but the image has faded a lot now. I did try to rub my hand across the image before I used it but it didn’t seem to do anything to it. I do not currently remember if I tried to rub it away before or after I prayed over it.


2 thoughts on “Faces and eyes are everywhere

  1. I’m glad you cast it out! I know it can feel silly to do so, but its just a matter of a few words, and it can have such a profound effect upon things.

    You are so not alone in this; we found a demonic face in a rug when we first moved to where we are now…

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    • Oh wow. Well, I’d expect them more in a rug than a towel, I think lol. And of course there’s a huge difference in what is a natural occurrence (like tree bark) that looks like an eye or face and something like the picture I posted.
      I hope the one in the rug didn’t cause problems for you guys!


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