Dream: Grassy Mountain

I was outside with my sister and it seemed as though we were on a mountain and standing on large grassy hills. Down the mountain was a cliff side which overlooked some water. The water people commonly swam in but there were no people around. I ran down this mountain (more like running down a grassy hill) and jumped off of the cliff side to jump into the water. Tracy did not follow but was up still where we both previously stood.

I then could see in my point of view the cliff side, the blue colored water, and then a darker area of the water that was black. This was referred to as ‘deep sea’ in the dream. When I jumped off the cliff and headed toward the water I was going too fast and made it to the ‘deep sea’ not too far below the blue waters safe for swimming.
While there I didn’t panic, I didn’t even move. I knew that I was in danger being in the ‘deep sea’ area of water. The ‘deep sea’ was black and you could see almost a line where it ended and the safer waters began. From the perspective inside my body everything was black all around me and I silently prayed to the Father in Heaven to help me come out of this. I was perfectly content, with no fear, and I was in faith that the Father would bring me up out of these dark waters and back to safety.

I remember the feeling of holding my breath and wondered later if I held it also in my sleep. I knew the Father would get me out of the deep sea and bring me back up. I don’t think I was able to move my body and the thoughts of trying to swim never entered my mind. This was an area the LORD Himself had to help me come out of and it was dangerous for anyone to be in it. I don’t think I could have swam if I tried, I just remember thinking I knew the Father would get me out of this and I would be safe because I am His Child. I prayed to Him much like a child who was in some sort of trouble but not panicked knowing their Father would come and help them. That was the end of the dream.

This dream felt very light and very simple which is unusual for my dreams. I realized this as I awoke from it. I’m not sure how much of it was a gentle way of giving me a dream. Recently I confessed to the LORD how terrified I was to have dreams from Him as I just had some things revealed about my past that I’m still having trouble coping with and digesting.

I’ve been trying to rewrite this dream some to explain it in better terms and thought I would include this from one of my first attempts of trying to portray this the right way:

“I wasn’t even trying to swim and I wasn’t panicked either, all I did was pray to the Father and told Him what happened and asked Him to bring me back up as I couldn’t do it. I don’t remember exactly what I prayed but I had faith in Him and that He would bring me out of the ‘deep sea’ and back to the normal water above me and then back up out of this water as I think I would have been exhausted to swim, but also so I could breathe again. Then I woke up.”

There were more dreams after this and I’ve been having them steadily again since this one. Things continue and there are many things to be revealed.

The day after I had this dream, one of the blogs I follow called “a call to the remnant” (bro Frank) had written something that really struck me. I thought I would also share what he wrote that reminded me of this dream and you’ll see why.

“…People are vastly complicated, God much more so. The door to the deeper walk with Jesus is the unexplained. When you come to the end of yourself, when your dogma fails you, when you cannot explain or understand your situation, then you are at the door. And the password? “Yet though He slay me, even then I will trust Him.” If you want to go deeper with God, allow Him to search you. Join Him in the journey that goes beyond what you understand, into the deeper waters, and beyond the horizons of your understanding.”
The Unexplored Heart of the Father

I find myself questioning two things:
1) did I run too fast getting myself into trouble again causing me to call out to the Father to ‘bail me out’? (I’m always worried about this. about ‘getting into trouble’ when it comes to the LORD and my walk with Him, or anything in life really.)
2) am I in a place I am supposed to be, by His Will, where I completely need to depend on the Father to get me through the dark, ‘deep sea’?

I guess in other words, did I cause trouble for myself or am I supposed to be there? Those are the kinds of questions I find myself asking and I suppose I’ll find the answer someday.


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