About me

I became a Christian around the ages of 7 or 8. I became a follower of Christ at 30-years-old.

My life is going in directions I never thought it would. Growing up I never wanted the stereotypical lifestyle, career, and family that we are told we must strive for since birth. I’ve always wanted something different and I’m thankful that ‘different’ is the direction it seems to be going.

I realize there are things that we cannot always see, perceive, and feel around us in the spiritual realm. I have experienced some of these things, both from God and from the damned, and I’m not ashamed or afraid to talk about them. They are not instances to focus on but should also not be something that people are afraid of discussing.

I do not belong to Christian denomination or a typical “church.” My church is with fellow believers wherever we meet and fellowship for God’s purposes. My education is coming from Christ and my knowledge through the Word, though that’s all still a growing/learning process. I will never claim to be perfect and I make mistakes just like everyone else.
I am on a journey to seek God and grow my faith through all that I do. His will must become my purpose.

More about me:
I live in Texas, have a wonderful furry toddler (that is my dog). Hopefully soon the Lord will allow my boyfriend and I to get married, as is planned, and things will began to move further still. I am currently living with my parents for many reasons I wont bother getting into, I recently quit my job and I’m honestly not worried about it at all. God provides for me still.

I used to love to research things and try to figure out the rhyme and reason of the world but now I realized how unimportant it is to allow ourselves to be so consumed by these things. I do like research but it has its limits in my life. I would much rather see God’s revealings and mysteries over anything this world has to offer.

This is my dog. Many are like him but there is only one.



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