Crochet Doll: Army Guy

I had been thinking about trying to make a doll with a flat top for some reason, unknown to me at the time. When I finally started working on it I was getting the impression I was going to be making an army doll. First the imagery started with the combat boots, camouflage shorts (which I made as pants instead) and a gray t-shirt. I later added the jacket and a backpack (which holds the “Emergency Med Kit” containing spare yarn just in case).
Took me a while to finish the hair, mostly because the Lord was leading me on how to do it and I kind of avoided it for a little while. I finally sat down and started embroidering the sides to give it more of a hair-standing-up-flat-top kind of feel. Should have listened and obeyed the Lord on it in the first place!
This doll will be going to a veteran that stays at the nursing home. I do not know his name and barely remember what he looks like other than seeing him in a wheelchair and always wearing a veteran cap (unless he’s eating, in which case it’s sitting on the table next to him). We haven’t seen him around as much lately so I hope that me being disobedient about parts of the doll didn’t cause us the opportunity to give it to him. I’m sure it will work out and I’m just waiting on timing. I hope he likes it and doesn’t find it too odd that some random person made a doll for him just because God told her to!

Here are the photos. They’re not great but they’ll do.
Crochet army doll 01 Crochet army doll 05 Crochet army doll 02-horz

Crochet army doll 06
UPDATE 10/28/15
Before delivering this doll to the man at the nursing home I had a feeling I should name the doll ‘Henry’ or “Herold.’ It turns out that the man’s name is Henry. I was very excited that the Lord shared that with me!


Crochet Doll: Little James

This was a commission piece someone requested for their grandson (or great-grandson). I hope they like it. I was unsure of how it would turn out at first but had to let the Lord lead me on a lot of aspects of it and I think it turned out nicely. I hope the family it’s going to likes it. The buttons are functional on the overalls so the straps can be either crisscrossed or straight (I like them crossed). The t-shirt was difficult to figure out at first. It’s one with two buttons on the back to close it off while the bottom portion is sown together. Tried to make a tank top with added sleeves for a shirt but it never looked right because the neck had to be large enough to fit the body through to take it on and off. Using two buttons works a lot better. I will probably be sending this doll with the extra tank top I made that’s exactly like the one on the Little Dylan doll.

DSC_1018b DSC_1027b DSC_1031b DSC_1041b DSC_1044b DSC_1046b

Crochet Doll: Little Tracy

This is one of the dolls that was requested. They’re probably expecting one of the other style dolls I had been making so I really hope they like this design instead. All they mentioned is that they wanted curly black hair, a pink top, and a blue skirt. I personally like the dress better but I went ahead and made a top and skirt that it can change into.

DSC_0965 DSC_0972 DSC_0984edt DSC_0990edtDSC_0977

DSC_0999This one I made with loops on the skirt and buttons in the inside of the shirt so that the skirt would be able to stay. I had trouble with the little frogboy doll’s pants not wanting to stay up so I’ll have to repeat this on that one before giving it away.

Crochet Doll: Little Dylan

As mentioned in my previous post the Lord has led me to crochet some dolls for people as gifts. I don’t personally know any of these people and for this doll the Lord gave me the imagery of what to make and how it would look. I had a lot of trouble with the hood on the jacket of this one and it was several days before I finally finished it. At first I wasn’t sure why it was taking me so long to figure it out and had been frustrated and praying about it. At the time I was also wondering what I would make next and by the time this one was finished (praise the Lord!) someone gave me a list of two doll requests! He does work in mysterious ways!
DSC_0907B DSC_0908B DSC_0916B DSC_0919BSorry the photos aren’t that great, I have trouble finding decent lighting.

Crochet Doll: Little Susan (“Suzie”)

After some of my previous dolls I posted I’ve learned that I absolutely hate making dolls or things specifically for the money. I always have. Any time I’ve had anyone commission me to make something specific I’ve hated it regardless of the pay. Of course when someone wants their own specification for a project it takes the fun out of it too.

Recently I had started making a different style doll and the Lord lead me to make a couple for specific people. I’m very excited that they’re finished and I haven’t yet delivered any of these dolls and I hope they will like them.
This is the first one the Lord lead me to make:

DSC_0885B DSC_0892B DSC_0894B-horzDSC_0903C

Doll Order Complete

I was recently asked to make a doll (one was ordered at least) for a 9-month-old little girl. I did this one in the same style as the previous ones I posted but crocheted the head onto the body without sewing to help stabilize it for a baby. I will admit it was nice not having to sew the head on but at the same time it did take away from the roundness of the head in my opinion. Maybe I will continue this after some tweaking to the pattern or maybe I’ll go back to sewing the heads on (ugh).
Here’s doll number 3, in the colors that were requested:
DSC_0872b2 copy2Maybe I’ll get some better photos of it later. The sun isn’t in a good place for it yet and I have no decent lighting in my house.

In the Land of Crochet

I haven’t been writing much lately and I know I haven’t felt inspired to other than sharing scripture I come across. I have been crocheting quite a bit lately however. Brandon recently commissioned me to make a doll for his mom’s roommate to try at sell at the nursing home they’re at. I made a little blonde doll with curls (seen below) and later made a darker skinned doll that I named after a friend of mine. I plan on mailing it to her as soon as I’m able to.
I don’t know what to call these dolls and I’ve already had some people telling me I need to come up with a name for them, as in a brand name. For now I might call them “Expression Dolls” until I come up with something later.
A quick back story on that: When I was younger I had some dolls that always had smiles on them but I hated it because my dolls weren’t always happy and smiling in my head. They became hard to relate to and pretend with so I usually stuck to stuffed animals. I make my dolls without mouths so that whoever owns them can make up the expression for themselves.

Here are two dolls I’ve made recently:
expression dolls2

expression dolls1I’m currently working on another one similar to the blonde that someone wants to buy off of me. I’m incredibly grateful the Lord has dropped this in my lap for some extra cash and I hope to upload some photos of more complete projects soon!

Crochet: Great Uncle J

On a happier note than my previous post, I thought I would share the crochet project that I finally got around to finished, and it is only by the grace of God that I was able to make it in the first place.
I guess I’ll start with the background story first. I have a great-uncle (my dad’s uncle) who goes by “J” (not Jay, J for Jack. It took me years to realize this). For some reason I have always had some sort of fondness for him with his hillbilly looks and his skill of making dulcimers. Recently, Uncle J’s wife passed away and while we were down there for the funeral I was able to get one of his handmade dulcimers for myself. I had always wanted one and now I’m thankful that I have one.
My dad mentioned to him that I crochet and could make him a scarf or hat if he was interested. I had already, for quite some time, wanted to make dolls of certain people and decided I would make a doll of Uncle J to give to him.
Here is the finished doll:

There are pipe cleaners in his hands, arms, legs, and feet so that they are able to bend slightly. I plan on attempting to also make a dulcimer to sit in his lap as if he is playing. I’m glad that the project finally came together even though I took a break from it for a little while and had a difficult time getting back into it.

Update: Here’s what my great uncle looks like:

Crochet Again

This evening was exciting for me as I have now sold another crocheted doll.
I had stopped crocheting awhile back to really buckle down and read my Bible the whole way through. I took away as many distractions as I possible could, and some of my hobbies became so frustrating (not know what to do with with them or make) that I would actually cry. Granted I was much more emotional then and had no idea as to what was going on.I recently briefly mentioned it to God about the crochet stuff and had Brandon pray about it for me as well, if I should get back into it or just keep doing what I was doing (which was a lot of nothing besides reading some and having no job).
I was told that not only was He alright with me getting back into it He would also bless it. Of course that made me feel wonderful.
I’m the kind of person that likes to be doing things with my hands. I like to be working on projects, being creative (or trying), and staying busy. I’ve gotten a lot of real world and spiritual world discouragement in these areas in the past and I’m learning to try and tune everything out and just do what I would do.
I started with finishing some little crocheted monkeys that Brandon’s birth mother had started for one of his siblings before she passed away. I wound up finishing two of them to make sure that all the pieces she had made were used so that he could keep them (I also made a little crocheted banana to go with them). Brandon’s mom (adopted mom), who is currently in physical rehab, wanted me to make one of those little monkeys for the little boy of one of the nurses that helps her. She paid me for it, and although I’m tired of making monkeys now, I was incredibly grateful.
After that I tried a doll from a free pattern I had gotten (usually I like to make my own) and now his mom wants to buy that from me to give to her hired caretaker for her little girl who’s about to turn a year old. I’m really excited to have sold two dolls now! I’m very thankful that He has blessed these things and I hope that He will continue to do so. I’m going to try to save the money and set it aside to help pay for bills and whatever else I might need it for.
Now I’m working on a doll that I want to sent to my great uncle. I recently got a dulcimer that he made (he sells them) and my dad had let him know that I crochet, asking if he wanted me to make him anything. He didn’t seem interested as he already has enough hats and scarves. I figured that I would make him a doll of himself, with a dulcimer, and mail it to him as a surprise. He’s always been fascinating to me and I’ve always thought he seemed like quite a character, even if he really doesn’t know me and I’d be surprised if he remembers my name.

Another note: I’ve actually found that the less I look online or from people for inspiration, the more my own creative juices will start to flow. It’s so easy to get bogged down with seeing everyone’s creativity and comparing it to your own self causing you to feel defeated while comparing your own skills to theirs. The more you can cut out the rest of the world and what it’s doing, the more that you can allow your own thoughts and imagination to come through. That works with your spiritual life as well. The more you cast out the world away from you, the more God is able to draw you closer to Him.
I hope to have more positive updates in the near future. You never know what is around the corner and my life has seemed far too into doom and gloom lately. It’s time things change and I hope they do.