The Meaning of Forgiveness: Can you forgive?

Side note: I do not fully follow Voddie Baucham or know all of his teachings. What I have seen or heard so far does align with scripture so I do not feel sharing what he teaches to be incorrect when it comes to the word of God. I do find that some of what he teaches (not just this video) can really hit as far as the meaning of having a truly God-filled life and at times it can be hard to accept the truths of what we need to change.
It is in the truth of the Bible that we can fully seek the Lord and all He has in store for us in our walk with Him. We have to accept that through our sinful nature we have to change our lives with His help, it’s not a quick fix and it will not always be pleasant for us… but to have a true walk with the Lord is the most precious thing anyone could ever receive in this life.

It’s not about what WE want in this life and what parts of the Bible WE like; it’s not for the Lord to accept what OUR desires in this world but for us to accept HIS desires for us and how to go about a truly Spirit filled life.